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Christopher Hollister

Christopher Hollister

Education Librarian

524 Lockwood Library, North Campus
(716) 645-1323


Library liaison to the Graduate School of EducationDepartment of Linguistics, and Asian Studies Program; develop and maintain the University Libraries' Asian studies, education, educational psychology, library and information science, and linguistics collections; provide discipline-specific information literacy instruction; provide discipline-specific research assistance for students and faculty; collaborate with faculty on curricular, educational, and research-related initiatives.

Curriculum Vitae / Bio


Hollister, C. (2013). Handbook of academic writing for librarians. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries.(Revised edition, 2014)

Hollister, C. (Ed.). (2010). Best practices for credit-bearing information literacy courses. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries.

Contributions to Books

Hollister, C. (2012). Rising temperatures: The politics of information. In Herreid, C.F., Schiller, N.A., & Herreid, K.F. (Eds.), Science stories: Using case studies to teach critical thinking (pp. 253-259). Arlington, VA: National Science Teachers Association.

Hollister, C. (2008). Making the case for enhanced learning: Using case studies in a credit-bearing library course. In Connor, E. (Ed.), An introduction to instructional services in academic libraries (pp. 95-105). New York: Haworth.

Hollister, C. (2005). A new approach to information literacy: Reaching out to student services. In D. Biggs (Ed.), Library instruction: Restating the need, refocusing the response (pp. 105-108). Ann Arbor: Eastern Michigan University by Pierian Press.

Journal Editorship

Co-Founder and Co-Editor, Communications in Information Literacy (refereed), 2007-present. ISSN: 1933-5954. Available from

Journal Articles (Refereed)

Hollister C. (2016). An exploratory study on post-tenure research productivity among academic librarians. Journal of Academic Librarianship42(4), 368-381.

Hollister C., & Schroeder, R. (2015). The impact of library support on education faculty research productivity: An exploratory study. Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian34(3), 97-115.

Hollister C. (2014). Content analysis of papers submitted to Communications in Information Literacy, 2007-2013. Communications in Information Literacy, 8(1), 50-69.

Schroeder, R. & Hollister C. (2014). Librarians' views on critical theories and critical practices. Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian, 33(2), 91-119.

Walsh, T. & Hollister C. (2009). Creating a digital archive for students’ research in a credit library course. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 48(4), 391-400.

Hollister, C. (2008). Meeting them where they are: Library instruction for today’s students in the World Civilizations course. Public Services Quarterly. 4(1), 15-27.

Brower, S., Hollister, C., Tysick, C., & Pirrung, T. (2006). Tenure and recruitment: A survey of human resources officers. JLAMS: Journal of the Library Administration and Management Section of the New York Library Association, 2(2), 5-20.

Hollister, C. & Jarvis, H. (2005). Expanding library instruction to the Web portal. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 9(2), 151-155.

Hollister, C. (2005). Bringing information literacy to career services. Reference Services Review, 33(1), 104-111.

Hollister, C. & Coe, J. (2003). Current trends vs. traditional models: Librarians’ views on the methods of library instruction. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 10(2), 49-63.

Hollister, C. (2001). Price inflation and discrimination extends to non-STM disciplines: A study of library and information science journals. Current Studies in Librarianship, 24(1/2), 49-57.

Research / Service Area

Research interests: information literacy; scholarly communication (open access, digital scholarship, bibliometrics, research productivity); and social justice in professional practice


LIS 503: Scholarly Communication
LIS 518: Reference Sources and Services
LIS 523: User Education
UE 141: Introduction to Birdwatching
ULC 257: Library Research Methods

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