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Howard  Pikoff

Howard  Pikoff

Associate Librarian

323 Lockwood Library
(716) 645-7747


Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology/Behavioral Medicine), SUNY/Buffalo;
M.L.S. (Library Studies), Pratt Institute;
B.A./M.A. (Behavioral Psychology), Queens College

Curriculum Vitae / Bio

Howard Pikoff is a librarian and a psychologist. Since 1975 he has divided his time between Lockwood Library, the Pain Management Center at Buffalo General Hospital, and private practice. He is Lockwood Library's specialist for psychology, social work, and Judaic studies.

Recent / Frequently Cited Publications

Pikoff, H.B. (2010). A study in psychological mislabelling: The rise and (protracted) fall of psychogenic fibromyalgia. International Musculoskeletal Medicine, 32, 129-132. (For preprint see

Pikoff, H. (2004). Complementary headache therapy: A close look at the treatments and the evidence. Buffalo, N.Y.: Data for Decisions.

Pikoff, H. (1996). Treatment effectiveness handbook. Buffalo, N.Y.: Data for Decisions.

Pikoff, H. (1984). Is the muscular model of headache still viable? A review of conflicting data. Headache, 24, 186-198.

Pikoff, H. (1984). A critical review of autogenic training in America. Clinical Psychology Review, 4, 619-639.

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