Susan Davis

Susan Davis

Acquisitions Librarian for Continuing Resources

Central Technical Services
137 Lockwood Library Building
North Campus
(716) 645-2784

Office Hours:

My typical workday is 8-5 M-F.



Responsible for ordering and renewing journals and databases and overseeing monographic acquisitions in all formats for all collections except Law, with a budget of approximately $8 million; serve as primary contact with publishers and other suppliers of library resources, support the Libraries’ use of the Electronic Resources Management system, coordinate with the E-Resources Team on procedures related to access to electronic resources. Review, negotiate and sign license agreements on behalf of the University Libraries.

My name

To help clear up confusion you should know that my legal name is Susan Davis Bartl and "official" university records list me under B, but I use Davis professionally and that is how I prefer to be addressed.

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