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Michael  Kankiewicz

Instructional Support Technician
Manager, Silverman Multimedia Center

Discovery and Delivery
320D Capen Hall
North Campus

Ph: 716-645-1329
Fax: 716-645-3710

Stephanie  Kelly

Office Assistant 1

Discovery and Delivery
235 Lockwood Memorial Library
North Campus

Ph: 716-645-1330
Fax: 716-645-3858
Duties: Maintenance of Microforms.

Christopher  Keough

Senior Staff Assistant
Libraries Annex Manager

Libraries Annex
3850 Rensch Road
North Campus

Ph: 716-645-5114
Fax: 716-636-4326

Michael  Kicey

Senior Assistant Librarian
Humanities Librarian

Research, Education and Outreach
424 Lockwood Library
North Campus

Ph: 645-7744
Fax: 645-3859

Ashley  Kravitz

Staff Associate
Business Officer

Office of the Vice Provost for University Libraries
223 Capen Hall
North Campus

Ph: 645-5951
Fax: 645-3710

Karen  Kuta

Library Clerk 2
Supervisor, Lockwood Stacks

Discovery and Delivery
234 Lockwood Memorial Library
North Campus

Ph: 716-645-1315
Fax: 716-645-3859
Duties: Circulation/Reserve, oversee stack maintenance and student assistants.