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INSPIRE is the new interface to the SPIRES high energy physics (HEP) and astrophysics database containing over 1 million records. SPIRES covers a wide variety of formal and informal publications including journal articles, preprints, technical reports, experimental notes, conference papers, and theses. SPIRES adds citation data, keywords, classifications, and author institutional affiliations to the basic data that is harvested from various sources of physics literature including arXiv.

Within its coverage of HEP and astrophysics, INSPIRE provides citation metrics for that are far superior to other sources including the Web of Science Core Collection. It also has plots extracted from papers and innovative features like metadata improvement including author disambiguation via crowdsourcing. It is being expanded to include non-traditional publications like multimedia, data, software, and wikis. Extensive Help is available on-line. INSPIRE is a collaborative effort of four HEP labs, DESY, Fermilab, and SLAC, and CERN.


Dates Covered

1919 to present, not comprehensive for older years.

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