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Web of Science  (formerly Web of Knowledge)

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The Web of Science (formerly Web of Knowledge) search system allows single-pass (simultaneous) searching of thirteen major databases:

Searching the entire Web of Science collection of databases together for keyword, title, and author searching will assure a more comprehensive search than searching Web of Science Core Collection alone. The Web of Science platform covers additional materials like patents, data sets, and significantly more life sciences references. At any time, one can move between a multi-database search and a single database search by clicking the All Databases drop down menu at the top of the default search screen.  One can also limit a result set to specific databases using the Databases category in the left-hand column of the search results screen. Note that with a Web of Science All Databases search, one can still link to both cited references (the bibliography of a paper) and more recent references that cite the particular item.

Search system is unusual in that it permits left-hand truncation in addition to the typical right-hand truncation (word stemming).  The query '*degradation' retrieves degradation, photodegradation, biodegradation, etc.  

We recommend searching only the Web of Science Core Collection when certain advanced search features specific to the citation databases are required. These advanced search features are accessed by clicking the drop down arrow beside the default Basic Search option on the default search screen.

  • Cited Reference Searching (starting with a key reference and searching for papers forward in time that cite that key reference)
  • Author Search (special guided search to focus search on a specific author)

Search results are automatically de duped so a given work is listed only once. In the full record display, the Web of Science Core Collection record is presented by default with links to the same item in other databases listed in the right-hand, blue-shaded column. This same column has links to the references cited by the work as well as links to other works that cite the currently viewed item.

Leads to citations and abstracts to journal articles, conference papers, books, book chapters, patents, data sets, chemical reactions, and technical reports from thousands of published sources.

Dates Covered

Varies by database, see itemized listing in description above.

Print Counterpart

See the individual database Product Description Pages by clicking on the links in the Related Database section.

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