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Many U.S. government agencies and national laboratories maintain catalogs or full-text databases of technical reports in their research areas that are freely available on the Web. For more information, see our Technical Reports Guide.


NTIS covers technical reports submitted for government-sponsored research and development projects. Also included are reports made available by various U.S. government agencies and some foreign governments. Major areas included are the physical sciences, technology, engineering, biological sciences, medicine and health sciences, agriculture and social sciences.

Leads to citations to U.S. government reports.

Please Note: The database also includes links out to the NTIS website, but then asks you to purchase a copy of the technical report.  Instead, we recommend that you copy-and-paste the title of the NTIS report you are interested in inside double quotation marks into the Google seach engine to see if you can find a free and publicly available full-text copy of the report on the Internet.  Many of these reports are available this way.

Dates Covered

1899 to the present. Updated weekly.

Print Counterpart

Government Reports Announcements & Index (1971-1996)
US Government Research & Development Reports (1965-1971)
US Government Research Reports (1955-1964)
Bibliography of Scientific & Industrial Reports (1946-1954)

1946-1969 shelved in SCI/ENGR Periodicals Collection Z7916 .G78
1970-1996 shelved in SCI/ENGR Periodicals PER Z7916

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