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AGRICOLA (Agricultural Online Access) is the U.S. National Agricultural Library's bibliographic database. While the name and origin of this database indicate a primary focus on agriculture, AGRICOLA's coverage of the life sciences is substantial. This extensive database has been maintained since 1970 to provide selective worldwide cove rage of primary information sources in agriculture and related fields in botany, forestry, terrestrial ecology (domestic and wid) and plant science:

plant genomics and molecular biology, genetics and heriditary in domestic and wild strains of plants, plat pathology, environmental remediation, agrobusiness, botany, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, climatic changes, ecology, agricultural ecology, terrestrial entomology, environmental chemistry, food science, forestry, molecular biology, natural resources, nutrition, pesticides, soil science, water quality and resources

Leads to citations and abstracts to journal articles, government documents, technical reports, books, patents, and audiovisual resources from agricultural sources worldwide.

Dates Covered

1970 to the present. Updated monthly.

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