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Ebook Library  (EBL)

Remote access to this resource requires a UBITName and password. Log In Help

Special Note

ON-CAMPUS access to this resource is restricted to current UB students, staff, and faculty ONLY and requires authenticating with a UBITName and password.


Ebook Library (EBL) provides 24/7, multi-user access to an online collection of books in a wide range of subject areas. Titles can be browsed, read online, printed (up to 20% of a title, see below under Printing), downloaded to a PC or laptop, or transferred to a variety of devices. EBL books are protected with Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM), which controls their loan periods, download, copy/paste, and print options.

EBL books can be downloaded in a variety of ways:

  • Computers: To download an EBL book and to read it on your computer, you must have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed. ADE is free. Be sure to set it as your default reader program. (.acsm extension files must be set to open in ADE. If you download ADE, and have not experimented with other programs, this will happen automatically. Firefox will often offer a choice of appropriate programs; IE will not. Defaults are changed by using the Control Panel.) To read an EBL book on your PC you can also use Sony Reader software (PC and Mac) or Nook for PC. Both are free. Neither is recommended by EBL; but each respects Adobe DRM and if you are accustomed to one you may prefer it to ADE.
  • Dedicated e-readers: An EBL book, in PDF or ePub format, will not load onto a Kindle. (Because the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is an Android device, an EBL book will load on it; see below.) However, it will load onto a Sony reader or Nook as well as other readers. Transfer an EBL book from your computer to the device after first importing the title into an authorized Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Connect your Nook or Sony Reader to your PC using the provided USB cord, open ADE, and then drag and drop the book’s cover to the Nook or Sony folder on the left. The book will automatically load onto the device.
  • Apple devices: These include iPhone, iPod Touch, and Ipad. To download an EBL book from the Web to an Apple device you must have the Bluefire app installed on the device. The app is free and may be downloaded from iTunes.
  • Android devices. These include Acer Smartphones, Acer tablets, Samsung Smartphones and Samsung Tablets. To download an EBL book to an Android device you must have the Aldiko Book Reader app installed on the device. It may be downloaded from Android Market for $2.99 (as of 29 September 2011); there is also a free version of the app that displays ads. To find it, search Aldiko at the top right of the Web site.
  • How to put an EBL book on an Apple or Android device: Install the appropriate app on the device. Authorize it with the Adobe ID you used to authorize ADE. This is standard and required if you plan to move a text from one device to another.

For an Apple device: It’s easy with an Apple. From the device itself, go to the EBL book using the web-browser and click download. Assuming the Bluefire app is on the device, the book will be automatically downloaded. With Apple you do not need to go from ADE to the device.

For an Android device: After you have the book(s) downloaded to your computer’s Adobe Digital Editions you’ll need to find the location where e-books have been downloaded. Likely locations include: Windows 7: C:\Users\username\My Documents\My Digital Editions\, Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Digital Editions\, and OSX (Mac): Your-home-directory/Documents/Digital Editions/. Then copy the e-book file(s) to a memory card. Insert the card into the device, and then tap the SD Card icon at Home. Put a check in the box beside the file’s name. Then tap the Import to Aldiko button in the pop-up window at the bottom.

  • Kindle Fire (an android device): You will need to install the Aldiko Book Reader app on your Fire and you will need Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. You must authorize and activate ADE. Then download the book you wish to read to your computer, open ADE -- if the book does not automatically load into your ADE library find its download location and import it -- and attach Kindle Fire to your computer with its USB cable. You will then see a Kindle icon in the bottom left pane of the ADE interface. Authorize your Kindle Fire for the books to open. Now drag and drop the book from your ADE. Library to your Kindle Fire, disconnect your Kindle Fire from your computer and open the Kindle Fire's Aldiko app.

EBL features and capabilities:

All EBL titles are fully cataloged in the UB Libraries Catalog. The EBL site or portal is searchable using keyword, full text, or advanced search options, or by browsing lists of books by category. One may search within an individual EBL title or across all owned EBL titles. EBL will read a text aloud and it will also allow you to take notes and to export them to EndNote or RefWorks. This can be done while Reading Online. A user’s notes are exported to the Notes field of the book’s EndNote record and ultimately a single record will contain all associated notes. Notes taken while using a downloaded text via ADE are not exportable.

Printing (and Copy/Paste): Printing and copy/paste are allowed within the following restrictions: print up to 20% of a title or copy/paste up to 5% of a title. EBL displays a user’s progress toward these limits. In most instances, EBL allows more than one user to access a title simultaneously. The maximum number of uses of a book -- for all UB use -- is generally set at 325 loans per book per year.  When printing: Once a page or a range of pages is selected for printing  (preview works in FireFox and Chrome)-- those pages open in a new tab.  These can then be viewed and printed.  Only whole pages can be printed and each selected printed page counts as one page against one's quota or limit. The same page or pages may be printed more than once and this is not counted against one's limit.  If you bump up against the page-print-limit and are, therefore,  prevented from printing by the system -- you will be allowed to print again in six (6) weeks.  Every six weeks the system's quota resets.  

Downloads: EBL works well with Firefox. Internet Explorer users: Please note, you may need to take the following steps to stop the Information bar from blocking your file downloads:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab, and then click Custom level.
  4. To turn off the Information bar for file downloads, scroll to the Downloads section of the list, and then, under “Automatic prompting for file downloads,” click Enable. Click OK, click Yes to confirm that you want to make the change, and then click OK again.

Instructional videos:

Ebook Library at UB: Locating and Borrowing Books and Ebook Library at UB: Reading an Ebook Online.

Dates Covered

Coverage varies.

Print Counterpart

Most of the books in EBL are not duplicated in print in the UB Libraries; to check for those that are, use University Libraries online catalog.

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