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George Kelley Paperback & Pulp Fiction Collection

Cut Me In

cover image By: Karney, Jack (male)
Publisher: Pyramid Books
Place of Publication: New York, NY
Catalog #: Kelley Box 307: PS3521 .A49 C87 1959
Contributor: J. Vourgourakis


Era: 1950s Author as on Cover: Jack Karney Geographic Locale: New York City Date of Publication: 1959  |  Original Date: 1959 Setting: urban Motives: frame-up, corruption

Plot Summary

Not long after Coley Walsh joins the New York Police Department, he becomes part of a corrupt precinct that runs a graft operation with local bookies. His desire for Mille Raft, a beautiful fashion model, leads him into further corruption. Mille's boyfriend, Peter Carlyle, is the head of the New York City chapter of the national syndicate. In an attempt to hurt Carlyle and to make enough money to impress Mille, Walsh embarks on a one-cop campaign to take over the syndicate in his precinct. Walsh joins the syndicate when they make him an offer he can't refuse, and he is soon caught up in the syndicate's violent scheme to take over the garment district. Joseph Cantor, Mille's boss and Coley's good friend, is being pegged by the syndicate for takeover, and when Cantor refuses to give in, Coley is stuck between his affection for the Cantors and his ties to the syndicate. Violence and corruption come to a climax when Mille and Coley risk their lives to try to frame Carlyle.

Major Characters

Coley Walsh adult male, first wife died in an auto accident with her lover, son has polio, lives with his mother in a lower-class section of lower Manhattan, policeman

Mille Raft adult female, came to New York from a small town, fashion model

Joseph Cantor adult male, Jewish, clothing manufacturer, built his business from the ground up, one son killed in the Korean War

Peter Carlyle adult male, upper class, runs the New York chapter of the national syndicate, in love with Mille, must get Cantor to sell part of his business to the syndicate in order to please his bosses and move up within the mob

Bessie Cantor adult female, Jewish, wife of Joseph Cantor

Captain Wintregard adult male, police captain, Coley Walsh's corrupt boss

Dave Rodriguez adult male, Hispanic, boss of the local syndicate

Ben Fields adult male, police officer, Coley Walsh's partner

Level of Violence

much violence, including neighborhood incidents such as robbery, rape, incest and muggings. Walsh beats up a bookie who tries to flee. Walsh is beaten up by syndicate thugs. Walsh beats up David Rodriguez as a message to the syndicate. Thugs tie up Bessie Cantor in her home in an attempt to persuade Joseph Cantor to give up his business. Walsh shoots at and beats up these same thugs. Carlyle kidnaps Mille and Coley at gunpoint and threatens to kill them. Walsh shoots and kills Carlyle


Walsh falls in love with Mille "at first sight." Mille goes out with a lot of other men, including Peter Carlyle. When Walsh learns that Carlyle is the head of the New York syndicate, Walsh resolves, out of jealousy, to smash the local syndicate and set up his own graft business in its place. Walsh teases Mille for being a model, implying that all models are prostitutes. Coley and his department raid an orgy party.

Gender Roles

in the beginning of the novel, Mille is portrayed as a cold and somewhat promiscuous woman, but she becomes chaste and devoted by the end. Coley is possessive of Mille. At one point he tells her that "I'll build a golden fence around you and you'll be mine." Mille witholds her sexuality from Colle in order to get him to commit to her. When she succumbs to her desire and has sex with Coley, she raises the topic of marriage but Coley turns cold, telling Mille not to rush him. Towards the end of the novel, Coley intends to make an "honest woman" out of Mille by marrying her.

Subject Headings

New York (N.Y.)/ Police/ Mafia/ Clothing Industry/ Fashion Models