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8th Annual School Supply Drive

SchoolSupplyDriveHSL is once again proud to serve as one of many drop off locations for the 2016 School Supply Drive organized by the Office of Community Relations.  Donations may be dropped off in the box located in the lobby, just to the right of the staircase.   Donations will be accepted through Friday, September 2nd.   For more information about other campus drop off locations, visit  The Reporter School Supply Drive story.

All donations will be distributed among Westminster Community Charter, Highgate Heights, Futures Academy, and the Bilingual Center, as well as other schools to be announced.

What We Need:
Kleenex – Book bags – Cups – Folders – Crayons – Pencils Glue – Hand Sanitizer – Cleaning Supplies – Markers
Erasers Scissors – Hand Soap – Binders – Dividers
Pencil Sharpeners – Rulers Calculators – Dictionaries – USB Flash Drives – Planners

Your generous efforts help UB connect directly with our community!  Thanks!

ClinicalKey content update for June 2016

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Updates as of May 23, 2016

  Journals Added – CK Global

Updates as of June 13, 2016

  Journals Added – CK Global

  Books Added – CK Global




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What’s New in Journal Citation Reports?

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The 2016 JCR Release is now available providing 2015 data (2016 data will be made available in the 2017 release).  Visit for additional information on previous updates.

Journals appearing in JCR

A complete list of the titles covered in this year’s JCR is available at:

A list of journals receiving their first Impact Factor is available at:

This release of the JCR also includes new category, Green & Sustainable Science & Technology.

JCR Data Update

After the initial annual JCR release is published, this section will be updated biweekly with notes about pending additions or adjustments to the JCR data. All changes will be reflected in the JCR application when the dataset is reloaded and closed later in the year. Citation metrics published in this section can be considered official JCR data.


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What is ORCID and why do I need it?

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Get properly recognized for all of your scholarship!

ORCID is an acronym, short for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.

With a free ORCID iD, you can create a unique authoring fingerprint that will travel with you throughout your career.  This personal identifier can link all of your research output and activities publications across multiple platforms.  Over 2 million other researchers now possess ORCID iDs.

Do you have a common name or name variations?  Your ORCID iD can link them all and identify YOU and your research.  It helps distinguish you from authors with similar names when searching PubMed, Scopus, and other research databases.  Publishers and funders are starting to require and may request your ORCID iD on publication submissions and grant applications.

Visit to register and learn more.  It’s fast and free.  Also check out this quick video – What is ORCID?

If you have other questions or need help setting up your ORCID, just contact us at

Remember, ORCID (pronounced just like the flower) !   orchid1-crop-purple

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Zika Virus and other public health issues – latest reliable information at CDC and NLM

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aedes-mosquitoHealth professionals are learning more every day about the Zika virus.  The Centers for Disease Control maintains a Global Health page, where users can get the latest and most reliable information about outbreaks, diseases & conditions, travel and programs.

The Zika Virus page has the latest data on spread, prevention, transmission, symptoms, fact sheets, Q&A, information especially for pregnant women, and resources.  If you need to inform your patients or educate your classes, CDC also offers free Infographics for Zika and other global threats.

The National Library of Medicine also just published Resource Guides for  Zika Virus, California Gas Leak, and Flint, Michigan Water System, and have added Zika Virus and Zika Virus Infection as new subject headings, so they are now searchable in Medline and PubMed for citations indexed after 1/28/16.  The page includes tips for effective PubMed searching for Zika.

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Superbugs – be afraid, be VERY afraid!

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superbug“What would you say if we told you that humanity is currently making a collaborative effort to engineer the perfect superbug?” So begins this video that explains the “antibiotic apocalypse” in five minutes and 55 seconds of animation, suspense, and fascinating science.

Got a cold?    Think twice before you reach for the amoxicillin – it won’t kill the virus, and only contributes to the evolution of superbugs.

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Therapy Dogs! Monday and Tuesday May 2nd-3rd

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poster-excerpt-dogs The UB Libraries Stress Relief Days are here!   Therapy dogs, snacks, hand massage, aromatherapy, and music will be waiting downstairs in room B15 in HSL.  Be sure to stop by – Beethoven, Ruby, Muki, Carma, Sam, Lilly, Bella and Douglas will be waiting!

Note that Lockwood on the North Campus will host therapy dogs next week, on May 9-10.




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Native Voices – interactive exhibit in HSL Lobby through March 16

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NativeVoicesLogo2Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness, is an interactive exhibition that examines concepts of health and medicine among contemporary American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawai’ians – the first exhibit to include a focus on the latter two populations.

With over one hundred interviews from individuals associated with Native communities all across the United States, the exhibition highlights Native peoples’ own voices as they speak about health and illness within their tribes, villages, and communities. Stories arise out of both the past and the present and show how the determinants of health for Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians are tied to community, the land, and spirit. Speakers describe how individual and community wellness were affected by the political and cultural events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Individual reflections show the impact of epidemics, federal legislation, the loss of land, and the inhibition of culture on the health of Native individuals and communities today. Collectively, these stories convey how Native people use both traditional and Western methods to enhance wellness, ultimately presenting an inspiring account of renaissance, recovery, and self-determination.

The National Library of Medicine, in consultation with Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians, created the Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness exhibition. The fullsize exhibition premiered on October 5, 2011 at the main NLM building in Bethesda, Maryland, and it is currently on display there. The Native Voices website presents most of the exhibition content, and the exhibition’s many videos and interviews are also available via the free Native Voices app. (iPad users with an adequate Internet connection may download the app from the Apple iTunes store.)

We will be holding two programs as part of the exhibit tour:

  • Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016:   official opening of the exhibit, 4:00 pm, History of Medicine area, HSL (free and open to the public)
    • Amy Lyons, Interim Director of HSL – welcome and introduction
    • Jodi Maracle, Ph.D. student in the Department of Transnational Studies, will perform a traditional ceremony
    • Dr. Margaret Moss, Assistant Dean of Inclusion and Diversity, School of Nursing, will deliver remarks
  • Thursday, Mar. 3, 2016:  Friends of HSL program – Panel Discussion featuring Dr. Moss as moderator, and local Native Americans discussing their views – contact Linda Lohr 829-5737 for more information.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) developed and produced Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness. The American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, in partnership with NLM, tours the exhibition to America’s libraries.”

We hope to see you listening to the interviews and exploring the poster information.  This is a unique opportunity – don’t miss it!

Contact Pamela Rose 829-5722 to schedule group tours and for more information.

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New UBIT Help Center

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UBITHelpCenterFaculty, staff and students now have convenient access to IT resources here on the South Campus.  The UBIT Help Center, similar to the Help Center in Lockwood, is open in our Abbott satellite location, just to the left of the new Whispers Cafe.   The Help Center, staffed from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, provides the South Campus with assistance with UBITNames, software, printing and other IT services.

Stop by and say hi, and grab a cup of Starbucks on the way!

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Whispers Cafe, iPrint, and 3rd floor study

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Starbucks-in-progress-reducedGrab a cup of coffee or tea and a snack from – YES! – Whispers Cafe, with Starbucks products,  right here in HSL!  Whispers also stocks grab and go items for that quick lunch when you don’t have time to run over to Harriman or bring it from home.

Our iPrint pickup room is open again, in almost the same location, with an IT consultant available weekday afternoons until 5pm.  If you need IT help and a consultant is not on duty, don’t hesitate to call 645-2721.

Upstairs, our 3rd floor is slowly becoming a beautiful, comfortable space for studying, collaboration, and of course that important power nap.

Thanks for putting up with our growing pains!

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