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Curiosity Cabinet, episode 3 – can you identify this instrument?

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Welcome to the The Curiosity Cabinet, episode 3!

This is the third in our regular video series showcasing an interesting item from our McGuire Historical Instrument Collection.

The video may also be viewed on Youtube at

What is the name of this instrument and what was it used for?

Hints given in the video:

  • It was designed by Dr. Carter Moffet in the 19th century
  • It was designed in London England by the Medical Battery Company
  • It was used to produce artificial Italian air by pressing the switches on either end, and twisting a rod in the center

Please submit your answers to Linda Lohr at by October 31, 2013.

Prizes will be drawn from all correct answers received by October 31st.  First prize is a copy of “Stolen Glory: the McKinley Assassination”, 2nd prize is “Medical History in Buffalo, 1846-1996”,  third prize is a set of our beautiful Botanical Notecards — Happy Guessing!

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