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Fall in History of Medicine

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Keith with guests.

Keith with guests.

Fall of 2015 was a busy time for the History of Medicine Collection!  Here is brief overview of some of the activities that took place.

Hosted 2 sessions of tours and presentations about the History of Medicine Collection with Gayle Hutton, Senior Major Gift Officer, UB School of Medicine, and 35+ guests including UB retirees from Fox Run, Canterbury Woods and Asbury Pointe communities.

Keith Mages, Linda Lohr and Elizabeth Stellrecht participated in the 2015 Buffalo and Niagara Dental Convention.


Keith Linda Lohr and Elizabeth Stellrecht participated in the 2015 Buffalo/Niagara Dental Convention.






Participated in the UB Medical School’s “Women in Medicine and Sciences Leadership Launch Reception”.  Read an excerpt from Mary Blair Moody’s memoir.  (She was the first woman to graduate from UB’s Medical School.) Thursday, Oct. 22nd.  The group’s website will launch in January, 2016.



French Metacarpal Saw

French Metacarpal Saw


Collaborated with the B&ECPL on the “Milestones of Science” Exhibit.  A number of items icon for web page(1)from the History of Medicine were loaned to the Public Library for the occasion.




Working with instructors Erin and Amy, gave tours and “hands-on” History of Medicine class to 3 sections of the Medical Terminology Course from the North Campus using selected materials from the Collection.




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