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Back-to-School Reading from History of Medicine!

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The History of Medicine recently added four “new” books to the Collection.

IMAG0750While ostensibly a book about customs and practices among the Kickapoo and other Native American tribes, Life among the Indians by Healy and Bigelow, 1886, is actually more of a catalog advertising the many products of the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company.  Also, the authors may have actually “borrowed” images and text from Mary and Seth Eastman’s American aboriginal portfolio!

IMAG0753  Women’s medical guide: being a complete review of the peculiarities of the female constitution and the derangements to which it is subject……. (the title goes on!),  1848, by Dr. M.K. Hard.  In the introduction of the book (page 5) the author writes: “In the preparation of the following pages, our aim has been to provide for females a plain and simple means of instruction in reference to their distinctive peculiarities (!), whether manifested in the performance of necessary and healthy functions, or under the influence of disease.”  This work also contains a guide on how to manage children and their diseases and information on medicinal plants and compounds.

Catalogue of the Exhibits in the Museum of Hygiene: Medical Department of the United States IMAG0755Navy (1893) – The U.S. Navy’s Museum of Hygiene was open from 1883 – 1905. This catalog was compiled by the museum’s principal founder, Philip Skinner Wales (1837-1906), former Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy. Inside are details on more than 1,600 exhibit items; including anatomical specimens, parasites, architectural models, vast quantities of pipes and filters for water, ventilation, and waste, drawings, paintings, photographs, and numerous examples of material culture gathered by U.S. sailors and naval officers while on assignment around the world.

Women as army surgeons by Flora Murphy, 1920, is the history of the British Women’s Hospital Corps in Paris and Wimereux, France and at the Military Hospital on Endell Street in London.  Great photographs!


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