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Conversations: No. 2

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Tyler Love behind the camera!

We first met Tyler Love as a UB Department of Library Studies graduate student who took our practicum
“Introduction to Special Collections: the Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection” in early 2007. In this position, Tyler participated in day-to-day Collection activities such as reference work, exhibit preparation, and collection development. She also contributed her ample artistic and photographic talents to the promotion of the History of Medicine collection, photographing a number of items belonging to our Edgar McGuire Historical Instrument Collection and as well as our books.  Tyler is now an archivist working with the National Air and Space Museum. She previously worked in a similar position with the National Park Service.  As an “old” friend of the History of Medicine Collection we thought it would be fun to ask Tyler a few questions about herself and share the answers with you!


You work at the National Air and Space Museum, what a fascinating place to work! Could you tell us a little more about your role there?

I am an archivist. Before this I was the archivist for Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico, which was equally fascinating – just sayin!

What projects have you been most excited to work on?

While working at Chaco, many projects required time out in the field – all of that was great. At NASM I am over the moon to have been selected to process the Arthur C. Clarke papers once they get here from Sri Lanka.

While you visited our Collection, you identified and photographed several woodblock prints and older illustrations. What is it about these pieces of visual culture that intrigue you?

Simply put, I love science and I love art. The books I choose to shoot blend both (or in some cases, what the author thought was science at the time!) I also purposely choose books with dense bindings that would be hard to scan, even with a specially made book scanner.

Random Question: Beer or Wine?

Beer! Especially Dog Fish Head’s Chicory Stout which I have a lot of trouble finding outside of Buffalo.


One of Tyler’s pics from a book by Blasii.

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