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The Field Museum

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The Field Museum

The Field Museum

While in Chicago for the ALHHS Meeting, Keith and I had the opportunity to visit the Field Museum where we saw some wonderful sights including the 1893 World’s Fair exhibit, an impressive Egyptian collection and the Museum’s Pritzker Laboratory, an inter-departmental multi-user core facility dedicated to genetic analysis and preservation of the world’s biodiversity.   The Field Museum, originally named the Columbian Museum of Chicago, was primarily an outgrowth of the World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893, and was intended to be “a great museum that shall be a fitting memorial of the World’s Columbian Exposition and a permanent advantage and honor to the city.” The Museum’s name changed in 1894 to the Field Columbian Museum and in 1905 it became the Field Museum of Natural History to honor Marshall Field, the Museum’s first major benefactor, and to emphasize its natural sciences collection in anthropology, botany, geology and zoology.  It’s a destination well worth experiencing when in Chicago!

Does this remind you of anyone famous?

Remind you of anyone famous?


From the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition Exhibit


Pritzker Laboratory


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