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“Master of Sex” visits the University of Buffalo

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Dr. Masters speaking to medical students.

Dr. Masters speaking to UB medical students.

On March 19, 1971 Dr. William Masters of Masters and Johnson fame delivered the Annual Harrington Lecture at the UB School of Medicine.  According to the Buffalo Physician, “There was standing room only for the medical community and laity overflowing three auditoriums and Capen Hall corridors.”  Dr. Masters was professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Washington University and also the director of the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation (later renamed the Masters & Johnson Institute), both in St. Louis.  Although no official title was mentioned, the theme of the lecture was “sex is a perfectly natural function.” He discussed the fact that it had taken him two years to get permission to do research on sex at Washington University and that when he got that permission in 1954, he wasn’t sure where to start.   He found only one book in the library, Dickinson’s “Atlas on Human Sexuality” and he had to get special permission to borrow it from the reserve shelf. Dr. Masters soon began working with professional prostitutes and it was during this time that he asked his research assistant, Virginia Johnson, to join his research team as an “interpreter” of the female perspective.    Later on the two co-authored the books “Human Sexual Response” and “Human Sexual Inadequacy.” 1 In 2013 the Showtime Channel debuted a series based on Masters and Johnson entitled “Masters of Sex.”

1 The Buffalo Physician. Summer 1971 Volume 5, No.2 pp. 21-24

Courtesy of Showtime Network

Courtesy of Showtime Network




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