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Stick ’em Up and Say “AH”!

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Stick ‘Em up and say “AH!”


Burton Pistolite

In January 1946, John A. Korengold received a patent for his “Combined Medical Hand Light and Tongue Depressor.”  Korengold was the founder of the Burton Manufacturing Company, later known as Burton Medical Products, in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois.  The company was named after Korengold’s nephew, Burton Korengold. Following its merger with Jan-Dor and TransElectronics, over the next 65 years Burton Manufacturing Company’s product line ranged from medical/dental lighting to power supply and support defense equipment. (1)  Korengold’s invention actually resembled a small pistol and which most likely resulted in the name “The Burton Pistolite”.   According to information on the box, the instrument is described as “The Modern Medical Hand-Light…Providing Controlled, focused Precision Illumination”.  There are several attachments including a tongue depressor and a laryngeal mirror that are used to perform various examinations of the tongue, the larynx, pharynx, and frontal sinuses.  Come and see this interesting item up close and personal in the Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection!

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Patent Application for Pistolite
















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