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Laryngo Phantom ca. 1900

Laryngo Phantom ca. 1900

Meet the History of Medicine Collection’s resident Laryngo Phantom.  You might well ask “what is a Laryngo Phantom and what was its purpose?” It was actually used by medical students and practicing physicians in the nineteenth century to learn how to properly use the laryngoscope to examine the throat before working on actual patients.  One model invented by a Dr. Isenschmid of Munich was described on page 26, Volume 2 of the 1885 Medical Times and Gazette, as having “…a mouth of thin metal with a tongue and uvula made of red velvet”. French Otolaryngologist Dr. Baratoux  designed yet another model.  Our Phantom bears more of a resemblance to one designed by Dr. Goguenheim as pictured in the Matthieu instrument catalog of 1885.  Dating from about 1900, it is made out of plaster and the reverse side depicts the structures of the larynx and uvula.




Baratoux's Phantom

Baratoux’s Phantom


Goguenheim's Laryngo Phantom, 1885

Goguenheim’s Laryngo Phantom, 1885 Matthieu Catalog














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