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What about Twitter?

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Thinking about Twitter?

Here are some random thoughts:

Clive Thompson on how Twitter creates a social sixth sense

E-Mail is for Old People (see how much has changed since this 1996 Chronicle of Higher Education piece came out – published  just as Twitter was being birthed)

7 Things you should know about Twitter from Educause

Big Juicy Twitter Guide (online) – if you want to jump in but prefer to read a bit first.  Marketing oreintation but has good explanatory visuals and concise tips

An excellent article if you are new to the picture.  Directed to health librarians but relevant to all:
Twitter: an introduction to microblogging for health librarians.  Dean Giustini, Mary-Doug Wright.  Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, Vol. 30, No. 1. (Winter 2009), pp. 11-17.

Could you use Twitter in your classroom to assess your teaching? – some ideas to modify here (A nod to the Skiba article below)

Examples of Twitter use in health care:

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response Many found breaking information on H1N1 via Twitter before traditional news channels

100+ tips for being on call in the hospital

1o reasons why I use twitter by ScienceRoll’s Bertalan Meskó

and other possibilities:

Twitter based journal club?

Thanks to Dr. Bob as well as Diane Skiba’s article – “Nursing Education 2.0: Twitter & Tweets”  (2008 Nursing Education Perspectives 29(2): 110-112)  for getting me thinking more about this.

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