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National Nurse Anesthetists Week Jan 24-30

Happy CRNA Week to all our Faculty and DNP Students in the Nurse Anesthetist Program!

National CRNA Week is the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist’s (AANA) annual celebration of anesthesia patient safety and the nation’s 49,000+ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and student registered nurse anesthetists.  These are the professionals who safely and cost-effectively provide approximately 40 million anesthetics each year. You deserve our appreciation and thanks.

Learn more about UB’s Nurse Anesthetist DNP Program – a program robustly supported by resources within the UB Libraries’ Health Sciences Library collection.

Pre-appraised evidence to support clinical decisions in Nursing

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Visit NURSING+, a resource from our friends at McMaster University’s  Health Information Research Unit

NURSING+ is a searchable database for nursing professionals.  It offers best evidence of recent journal article citations, with links to their abstracts, and ratings of their relevance and importance by raters of the McMaster Online Rating of Evidence (MORE) system

So, have a specific clinical problem or treatment you want to look up? Use Search to find topics covered in the McMasterPLUSTM database starting from 2003.

Sign in or register to use.  It comes in 2 versions : Basic (free) and Premium ($15.00/yr.)


PubMed for Nurses Tutorial

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Nurses  – a PubMed Tutorial for you!  Specifically created to help nurses efficiently find literature using PubMed. Concise, targeted content consists of 5 videos with exercises to test your knowledge. It should take you 30 minutes or less to complete.

The PubMed for Nurses Tutorial was researched, designed and developed by Megan Kellner from Maryland’s iSchool, the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, in consultation with nurses and librarians who serve nurses around the United States.

Lots of good information and worth your time. If you are very new to searching, I suggest you spend 3 minutes reviewing this video explaining the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT.  Operators allow you to manipulate your search terms and they are used in all databases.  The Nursing tutorial explanations above makes use of them.

Happy searching and you can always call on me for help.

What’s a “realist review”?

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Quick addendum to this original posting of 11/12/2015.  See the use of the realist review in this systematic review:
Stammen LA, Stalmeijer RE, Paternotte E, Oudkerk Pool A, Driessen EW, Scheele F, Stassen LP. Training Physicians to Provide High-Value, Cost-Conscious Care: A Systematic Review. JAMA. 2015 Dec 8;314(22):2384-400. doi:10.1001/jama.2015.16353. PubMed PMID: 26647260.
Found here:

Original posting:

As I have been delving into the topic of scoping reviews, the terms realist review, realist synthesis,  and realist inquiry has been popping up.  Curious, like me, what this is?

Get some answers here, thanks to open access:



New open access SUNY book

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Nursing Care at the End of Life: What Every Clinician Should Know by Dr. Susan E. Lowey, The College at Brockport

Full available to you, courtesy of the SUNY Textbook program – a creative means to improving access to educational materials while fostering a community of resources that spans disciplines and encourages interdisciplinary study.

SUNY Libraries and faculty are leading SUNY’s open textbook publishing initiative and have already saved thousands of dollars for SUNY students. Having published 11 free online textbooks, with 15 more planned in the next 18 months, this innovative multi-institutional program is lowering the cost of textbooks for students in New York and beyond.

Consider becoming an author or using this OA e-book in your course.