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Historical U.S. Data (Time Series)

The sources described in this subject guide contain time series data. References include government and non-government materials both in print and electronic formats. In addition to the sources listed below, any of the serial publications described in the other subject guides to Economic Statistics can be used as resources for time series

ALFRED (ArchivaL Federal Reserve Economic Data) (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reproduces almost 2300 historical time series on the following topics:

  • Business and fiscal
  • Consumer price index (CPI)
  • Employment and population
  • Exchange rates
  • Federal Reserve Bank-St. Louis District data
  • Gross domestic product (GDP) and its components
  • Producer price indexes (PPI)
  • Reserves and monetary base
  • Trade and international transactions
  • U.S. financial data

Use FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) to access comparable data that was revised. ALFRED covers "vintage" statistics, statistics that have not been revised.

Business Statistics of the United States (Bernan Press) 
Lockwood HC 101 B87 (1995+) (current edition edition in Reference) 
CAPEN Multimedia Center MicFiche Z7554 .U5 S8 no. C1042-2 (2001+) 
Contains recent and historical information about the U.S. economy. Most of the data are government statistics. The publisher introduced this product to replace the discontinued Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) publication Business Statistic s (Lockwood Documents US C59.11/3: 1961-1991)

Dow Jones Averages 1885-1995 (Irwin Professional Publications) 
Lockwood Reference HG 4915 D6434 1996 
Reproduces daily prices for stocks in the industrial, transportation, utility, and retail sectors, and bonds. (Economagic, LLC) 
Provides selected access to over 200,000 economic time series. Three sections cover the most frequently requested series; data by states; and data by agencies. The search engine works well. US government agencies produced most statistics. Economagic limits full features of the database to subscribers. UB does not subscribe

Economic Report of the President

(US Council of Economic Advisors) (1995-present)
Lockwood Reference HC106.5 .A272 (most current issue)
Lockwood Documents (Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) number, the call number, varies depending upon the administration)
The online edition provides economic statistics for the most recent 30 years in Excel and PDF formats. When appropriate, quarterly data deal with the most recent 3 years and monthly data deal with the most recent 2 years. Topics include employment and wages; production and business activity; money, and government and corporate finance; agriculture; prices; and national income

Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)

(Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Reproduces PDF copies of the following historical economic statistics publications

  • All Bank Statistics (Online edition: 1896-1955)
    Lockwood HG2493 .A517 (1896-1955)
  • Annual Statistical Digest (Online edition: 1976-2002)
    CAPEN Multimedia Center MicFiche HA195 .A8 9364-5 (selected copies 1970-1993)
  • Banking and Monetary Statistics (Online edition: 1914-1970)
    Lockwood HG2493 .A52 (1914-1941) and HG2493 .A53 (1941-1970)
  • Business Conditions Digest (Online edition: 1968-1990)
    Lockwood Documents US C 56.111: (1968-1971)
    Lockwood Documents US C 59.9: (1972-March 1990)
  • Business Cycle Developments (Online edition: 1961-1968)
    Lockwood Documents US C 56.111: (1962-1968)
  • Concordance of Statistics (Online edition: 1978-2000)
    Law Library General Collection HG2493 .C66 (1982-1983 and 1985-1986)
    A guide to statistics available in Federal Reserve publications.
  • Economic Indicators (Online from FRASER edition: 1948+) (1995+)
    Lockwood Documents US Y 4.Ec 7: Ec 7/: (1960+)
  • Productivity and Costs (Online edition: 1971-2004)
  • Survey of Current Business. Business Statistics (Biennial Supplement) (Online edition: 1931-1991)
    Lockwood Documents C 59.11/ 3: (1951-1963/1991)

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)

(Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Data pertain to over 3,000 variables about business conditions; prices; employment; exchange rates; gross domestic product; interest rates; money; trade; and finance. View charts or data tables in text format

Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition Online

(Cambridge University Press)
Compendium that reproduces over 37,000 statistical series from over 1,000 sources. This database updates Historical Statistics of the United States, last published by the Census Bureau in 1975. All tables include citations to data sources and descriptions of data anomalies. Comprehensive signed essays on each topic put the statistics in historical context

Historical Tables: Budget of the United States

(US Office of Management and Budget) (1996-current edition)
Lockwood Documents US Prex 2.8/8: (current edition at the Bus/Doc reference desk)
Statistics measure federal outlays by agencies and spending functions or broad categories, such as education and defense; revenues; and surpluses and receipts. Most series start in 1940, but selected data begin with 1901. The online version covers 1996 to date in PDF format and 1998 to date in Excel format.

International Historical Statistics: The Americas, 1750-1993 (Macmillan Reference)
Lockwood Reference HA 175 M55 1998

Macroeconomic time Series Data Source Locator

(University of Chicago Library)
Use the form to select information sources by date, geographic area, and topic. References pertain to availability at the University of Chicago. However, UB's Libraries have many of the same sources. Check the Libraries Catalog or speak to a reference librarian who can help you locate relevant data.

Pacific Exchange Rate Service

(University of British Columbia. Sauder School of Business)
Provides historical currency conversions from 1971 to date.

Regional Economic Accounts

(US Department of Commerce. Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Regional Economic Information System ( REIS ) (US Department of Commerce. Bureau of Economic Analysis)
CAPEN Multimedia Center US CD-ROM C 59.24: (1969/2001-1969/2004)
The Bureau of Economic Analysis provides local area economic data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas,. Annual estimates cover 1969 to the present. Statistics include personal income and earnings; full and part employment; transfer payments; and farm income and expenses.