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Elections & Politics

Researching Elections

How to Research Elections . Fenton S. Martin and Robert U. Goehlert. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, c2000.
Lockwood Reference Collection JK1976.M37.2000

Elections A to Z. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 2003. 2nd ed.
Lockwood Reference Collection JK1976.M57

U.S. Elections -- Research Guide (University of Pennsylvania Library)

Election Boards and Results

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to U.S. Elections
Lockwood Reference JK1967 .C662 2001
Volume 1 contains information regarding Presidential elections and political parties. Volume 2 concerns Congressional elections and gubernatorial elections.

Electoral College (U.S. National Archives and Records Service)
The U.S. National Archives provides a wide variety of information and statistics on presidential elections, past and present, including electoral votes by state for 1789 through the present day.

Election Information: Office of the Clerk (U.S. House of Representatives)
The Clerk of the House of Representatives has collected and reported on the vote counts for federal elections since 1920.

Election Results Archive (Erie County Board of Elections)
Provides Excel spreadsheets of Erie County election results from 2001 to date. Coverage includes national, state, and local contests by election districts.

Federal Election Commission
An independent regulatory agency established by Congress to disclose campaign finance information; enforce the limits, prohibitions and other provisions of the election law; and administer public funding of Presidential elections. Financial information about the parties includes primary results by states.

Index of State Disclosure Agencies (Campaign Disclosure Project)
Direct links to election board web sites and campaign finance data disclosure information for other states.

New York State Board of Elections
In addition to voter registration information and election laws, this site can be used to identify representatives, view district maps, locate voter statistics, and view electronic filings relating to campaign finances.

US Political Parties

American Reform Party

Communist Party of the United States

Constitution Party

Labor Party

Natural Law Party

Socialist Party of the United States

Socialist Labor Party

Democratic National Committee

Republican National Committee

Green Party of the United States

Reform Party of the United States

US Non-Partisan Sites

All Politics (CNN)
A site for political news and background information provided by CNN and Time magazine.

Center for Responsive Politics
The emphasis on this site is on political finances. The Registered Federal Lobbyist Database is part of this site. Also Federal Elections Commission data on campaign contributions can be searched by zip code, politician or donor. Information about a politician's personal financial disclosure statements, incumbent travel expenses, Political Action Committees, and topic-specific reports about money and politics are available at the site.
Look up elected officials or information about current issues.

League of Women Voters
The "Voter Information" section provides information about candidates and political issues.

Members of Congress: Selected Resources (University at Buffalo. Arts and Sciences Libraries)
UB Libraries guide to directory, biographical, and political activity information for Congresspersons.

National Journal Group's Policy Central (National Journal Group Inc.)
The National Journal is the nation's premier weekly on politics, policy, and government. Published since 1969, it offers non-partisan coverage and analysis. Some of Washington's most insightful journalists contribute. Many special features are included on this site.

[Politics, the Internet, and the Net Democracy Guide] (Center for Democracy and Technology)
A guide to politics and fundraising on the Internet.

Project Vote Smart
This is an excellent site for obtaining information about a candidate running for re-election. Using zip-code to identify your elected officials, you can then obtain biographical information, campaign fund information, evaluations by special interest groups, and voting record.

Other Countries

Elections Canada
Site of the federal agency that oversees Canadian elections.

Great Britain Government and Politics (
This site gives a general introduction to the form and structure of British government plus provides links to a variety of official government sites, sites relating to Britain's political system, and commentaries about British politics.

International Foundation Electoral Systems-IFES 
An international organization that supports citizens rights to vote and participte in elections worldwide.  Its Election Guide page ( provides information about candidates, political parties, and voting and voter turnout globally.

Political Science Resources--Politics and Government Around the World (Richard Kimber)
Links to government, election, and political Web sites throughout the world.

Data Sets

American National Election Studies (ANES) (Stanford University and University of Michigan)
Statistics cover voting, public opinion, and political participation.

Inter-university Consortium for Political Science Research (ICPSR)
See the "Special Topic Archive."