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Presidential Materials: Selected Resources

The Business & Government Documents Center collection contains official presidential publications, such as the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents . In addition, unofficial sources for materials relating to a particular presidency may be found by searching Libraries Catalog.

  • To locate materials written by a particular President, conduct an Author search for (last name, first name).
  • To locate materials written about a particular President, conduct a Subject search for (last name, first name).

Presidential Documents

American Presidency Project (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Provides access to 3 key Presidential resources in a single searchable database:

  • Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Washington- Taft (1789-1913)
  • Public Paperes of the Presidents: Hoover to Bush (1929-1993)
  • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents: Clinton - G.W. Bush (1993-present)

Features include 4 links:

  • Data covers relations with Congress, requests for legislation, vetoes, seats in Congress gained or lost in mid-term elections, popularity, public appearances, growth of the Executie branch, charts about inaugural addresses, and Presidential disability.
  • Documents include convention speeches, party platforms, Presidential debates, radio addresses, Executive orders and proclamations, signing statements, and statements of administration policies.
  • Elections summarizes voting in Presidential elections from 1828-2004.
  • Media reproduces Presidential interactions with the press in multimedia format.

Compilation of Presidential Documents (1993-present)
Lockwood Documents US AE 2.109 (1985-present)
Lockwood Documents US GS 4.114 (1965-1985)
This publication contains statements, messages, and other Presidential materials released by the White House during the preceding week. At the end of the President's term of office, all of the weekly publications are compiled into a volume of the Public Papers of the Presidents .

Executive Orders
Contains tables with summary information about, but not the text of, Executive Orders beginning with those signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, arranged according to Presidential administration and year of signature. Executive Orders since 1993 are linked to their full text in the Federal Register .

Federal Register
Lockwood Documents US AE 2.106:66/1 (current administration, includes indexes) (1994-present) (1980-present) (1936-present, select the "Federal Register Library")
The Federal Register, which is published daily, contains all presidential proclamations and orders in Title 3.

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents
Contains the full text of each inaugural address since George Washington. Part of the Bartleby Archive is maintained by Columbia University.

Presidential Directives and Executive Orders
This site is part of the Federation of American Scientists' "Intelligence Resources Program" and focuses on national security issues. Lists documents from selected time periods with some linked to the full text.

Presidential Documents on NARA Web Sites
Access to many of the documents noted in this guide are found on the National Records and Archives Administration site. For more information about archival resources, visit the ASL subject guide for Archives, Manuscripts and Historic Records ( ).

Public Papers of the Presidents
Lockwood Documents US AE 2.114: (1929-present) (1991-present)
Compilations of all the public statements made by a president during a term of office.

The White House
Contains the full text of the President's press releases, executive orders, and major speeches, as well as significant executive documents.

Presidential Biographies and Libraries

American Presidents: Life Portraits
Provides links to the birthplaces and grave sites of the presidents, as well as "Life Facts" and portraits.

Internet Public Library: POTUS
For each president there is a page that gives quick facts about the president including political and personal facts, as well as links to other sites.

Presidential Libraries
Links to the official sites of Presidential Libraries from Herbert Hoover to the previous administration.

Presidential Preview
The Library of Congress is embarking on digitizing and placing online several of the manuscripts from the papers of the 23 presidents held by the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. The site includes of photos and manuscripts.

Presidential Sites Resources
Links to biographies of each President as well as Presidential estates, libraries, and archives.

The Presidents of the United States
Biographies of all United States Presidents, along with links to related Web sites.

Kids Stuff

American Presidency (Smithsonian Institution. National Museum of American History)
Coverage includes hands-on activities, resources for children and teachers, campaign information, and communicating with the President. (U.S. General Services Administration)
Several sections deal with kids grades k-5, teens grades 6-8, and parents/teachers.  Select the Government option in each case for related information.

Presidential 7 Hat Challenge (Scholastic Inc.)
Play this game to learn what the President does.

Who's Who: Learn the Presidents (, Inc.)
Includes a worksheet intended for 4th graders.

You’re the Candidate (Scholastic Inc.)
Learn what it’s like to run for the Presidency.


JFK Assassination Records Collection
Information about this special collection within the National Archives is available along with an electronic index to the records.

Cites sources about historical and more recent Presidential debate.

Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations
Title 3 defines the office of the President. The Web site includes selected documents published in 1996. The first Title 3 - Presidential Documents is 1997.