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Presidential Materials: Selected Resources

Executive Orders and Proclamations


Presidential Statements

  • American Presidency Project (University of California, Santa Barbara)
    Provides access to key Presidential resources in a single searchable database:

    Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Washington- Taft (1789-1913)
    Public Papers of the Presidents: Hoover to G. W. Bush (1929-2007) and Obama  (2010 – Book 1)
    Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents: Carter - G.W. Bush (1977-2009
    The Daily Compilation off Presidential Documents:  Obama (2009-2012)
    Also includes party platforms, remarks from presidential candidates, Statements of  Administrative Policy, documents released by the Presidential Office of the Press Secretary and election debates.

  • Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents
    Contains the full text of each inaugural address since George Washington. Part of the Bartleby Archive is maintained by Columbia University.
  • JFK Assassination Records Collection
    Information about this special collection within the National Archives is available along with an electronic index to the records.
  • Presidential Documents on NARA Web Sites
    Access to many of the documents noted in this guide are found on the National Records and Archives Administration site. For more information about archival resources, visit the ASL subject guide for Archives, Manuscripts and Historic Records ( ).
  • Public Papers of the Presidents
    Lockwood Documents US AE 2.114: (1929-present) (1991-present)
    Compilations of all the public statements made by a president during a term of office.
  • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (1993-present)
    Lockwood Documents US AE 2.109 (1985-present)
    Lockwood Documents US GS 4.114 (1965-1985)
    This publication contains statements, messages, and other Presidential materials released by the White House during the preceding week. At the end of the President's term of office, all of the information compiled in the weekly publications is compiled into a volume of the Public Papers of the Presidents.
  • The White House
    Contains the full text of the President's press releases, executive orders, and major speeches, as well as significant executive documents.


Presidential Biographies and Libraries