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Hold My Hand

Distributed by Travelling Distribution
Produced by Léonie Hurtubise
Directed by Alexandre Lefebvre
DVD , color, 21 min.
High School - General Adult

Reviewed by Mary Northrup, Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods, Kansas City, Missouri

Recommended with reservations   
Date Entered: 11/5/2018

This short French documentary follows three young people who are visually impaired. The three are shown texting, playing video games, enjoying a playground, reading Braille, trick or treating, and other activities in a swirl of motion. Then each is shown as they actively participate or overcome a fear.

Beautiful photography captures Alex, 17, as he participates in swim club and talks to an interviewer off camera. Likewise, the scenes are skillfully rendered as 11-year-old Chloe conquers her fears at an amusement park and in a haunted house, and as Salma, 21, gives a poetic speech about herself.

Dialogue is in French with English subtitles. Background music is not intrusive and fits the impressionistic style of the film. The length of the film precludes any in-depth examination of issues; rather, the documentary gives just a glimpse into the life of a child, a teen, and a young adult and how they are making their way through life. The ending is rather abrupt.

Hold My Hand might possibly be used in college classes such as those for future teachers in special education, but it is more an impression of scenes rather than strictly informational. Filmmaking classes could be another audience.