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Dead Slow Ahead

2015 (2017 US release)
Distributed by Grasshopper Films, 12 East 32nd St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016

Directed by Mauro Herce
DVD, color, 1 hr. 13 min., Spanish with English subtitles
General Adult
Art, Oceanography

Reviewed by James Gordon, University at Buffalo Libraries

Date Entered: 8/28/2017

Usually, you don’t want to be taken “out of the film” by a filmmaker. A scene that lingers, a shot that’s notably good or bad can distract. In this case, the filmmaker has created a work of art. It is about the light, hues, sounds, and activities aboard ship as it travels the ocean. It creates a mood in which one can be engrossed. It is oddly real and surreal. Dialog is sparse, transient. You might enjoy it more with subtitles off, even if you don’t understand Spanish.

Artists and filmmakers who are willing to sit back and chill will appreciate the experience of this movie. There’s not a lot of action, so expect a slow, sensuous ride.