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School Shootings: America's Tragedy

Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, P.O. Box 2053, Princeton, NJ, 08543-2053; 800-257-5126
Produced by CBS News Productions
Director n/a
VHS, color, 48 min.
Education, Popular Culture, Sociology

Reviewed by Samantha Gust, Niagara University Library, Niagara University, NY

Highly Recommended  Highly Recommended   

Why did young, white, suburban males in Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon and Washington shoot, injure and sometimes kill their teachers, classmates and themselves during the 1990s? Through effective use of 911 tapes, crime scene footage, courtroom footage and interviews with experts, attorneys, police officers, witnesses and survivors, this informative and chilling video explains some of the causes and long-term effects of school shootings.

The Barry Loukaitis case, which occurred in Moses Lake, Washington and is considered to be the case that started the 1990s school shootings plague, is recreated and discussed in great detail. The subsequent copycat incidents are briefly discussed.

This video has a television news magazine/special report feel. It moves quickly and keeps the viewer's interest. The video and sound quality are excellent.

Highly recommended for middle and high school students, teachers, parents and anyone interested in learning about school shootings.