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Copyright Compliance: The DMCA and Digital Distance Education (The TEACH Act)

Distributed by Chip Taylor Communications, 2 East View Drive, Derry, NH 03038-4812; 800-876-CHIP (2447)
Produced by Chip Taylor Communications
Directed by Chip Taylor
DVD, color, 30 min.
Sr. High - Adult
Communication, Computer Industry, Crime, Education, Information Literacy, Law, Technology

Reviewed by David Magolis, Social Sciences Librarian, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Highly Recommended  Highly Recommended   
Date Entered: 6/2/2006

The evolution of computers and digital technology has streamlined the ability to copy an electronic file. As copying has become more accessible, ways to prevent copyright infringement have grown in complexity. The video DMCA and Digital Distance Education (The TEACH Act) is the ninth in a series of ten entitled the Copyright Compliance Series. This video features attorney Arnold Lutzker, who specializes in copyright compliance and, more specifically, the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH) that was passed in 2002 by Congress. DMCA and Digital Distance Education is an outstanding video that discusses the complex nature of copyright and translates it for those engaged in the field of Distance Education.

Explained throughout the video is how educators can use third party copyrighted materials in school programs that operate on the Internet. In section one, Mr. Lutzker introduces the TEACH Act and discusses the basics of copyright. He proceeds to explain what is covered by the exemption inherent to the TEACH Act. The video creatively expresses the important position Administrators and Information Technologists have in regards to the university’s position on copyright compliance. In addition, information is provided as to what Administrators and IT departments should do to better inform their institution.

This video is highly recommended for its authoritative and invaluable information regarding a very serious and relevant issue in our information age. After viewing the ninth video in the series, I have extreme confidence in the other nine films. The makers of this video are to be congratulated for translating often ambiguous and dense material (copyright law) into something clear and understandable. This video is a practical and notable view for anyone who uses or handles copyrighted materials.