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Freedom Machines

Distributed by Freedom Machines, 415-821-3791
Produced by Jamie Stobie
Directed by Jamie Stobie
VHS, color, 57 min.
Sr. High - Adult
Disability Studies, Technology

Reviewed by Beth Traylor, University of Wisconsin Libraries, Milwaukee

Highly Recommended  Highly Recommended   
Date Entered: 2/3/2005

Many people with disabilities rely on specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, voice input programs, screen reading programs, TTY units, large key keyboards and print scanners to go about their daily lives. Utilizing interviews and home movies, this program focuses on several people with disabilities as they raise their families, go to school, college and work. They discuss and demonstrate the abilities of some of the adaptive equipment they use. They also discuss the difference that adaptive equipment has made in their lives and their struggles to get it. The problems obtaining these valuable “freedom machines,” include funding sources, public education on the fundamental need for this type of equipment and the technological advances that are still necessary for some of the equipment. The interviews reveal the prejudices that people with disabilities still face and the fears and indifference that make it difficult for them to get the jobs they want and sometimes the adaptive equipment itself.

Freedom Machines would be a good addition to any public or academic library collection. Highly recommended