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Beyond Cold Turkey: Tobacco Quitting Methods

Distributed by Human Relations Media, 41 Kensico Drive, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549; 800-431-2050
Produced by Eric Juhola
Directed by Eric Juhola
VHS w/teacher's guide, color, 18 min.
Jr. High - Sr. High
Health Sciences, Adolescence

Reviewed by Karen Plummer, Cataloging Department, Bierce Library, University of Akron, Akron, OH

Date Entered: 4/9/2004

Beyond Cold Turkey : Tobacco Quitting Methods is a curriculum kit designed for use with teens. The video portion of the kit features a brief overview of the reasons to quit smoking and proceed to describe the various methods of quitting. The two teenage hosts present basic information about each method, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each. Interspersed within their presentation are comments from Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, the Medical Director of the New York University Health Center.

The accompanying 37-page teacher's resource guide contains a list of learning objectives, program summary, student activities, fact sheets, and a list of other tobacco programs from HRM. The student activity pages and fact sheets are easily reproducible for classroom use. The activity sheets include a review quiz over the content of the video plus an answer key, research projects, questionnaires (such as Up in smoke, in which the student determines the cost of their habit, and The quitter's tribune, where the student interviews an ex-smoker), common excuses to avoid quitting, how to set up a personal support team, planning ahead to deal with temptation, group activities such as designing an ad for tobacco quitting methods, making choices, sharing your own story, and evaluating the use of smoking in the media.

The fact sheets are 1-page overviews mirroring the information presented in the video. These include: Nicotine Explained, After your Last Puff, Cold Turkey, The Nicotine Patch, Nicotine Gum, The Nicotine Inhaler, Nicotine Nasal Spray, Nicotine Lozenges, and The Anti-smoking Pill. Additional fact sheets provide further help for those about to quit smoking, such as Diet tips for Quitters, Dealing with Cravings, Advice to Friends & Family, Support Sources, and Bibliography for additional reading resources.

Informative without being "preachy," this kit presents a balanced overview of a number of methods used to stop smoking. This kit could be used in middle grades through high school classrooms. Recommended