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Guide to Long Term Care Insurance with Phyllis Shelton: The Essentials of Long Term Care Insurance (Part of the Caregiver Resource Library series)

Distributed by Aquarius Health Care Videos, 18 N. Main St., PO Box 1159, Sherborn, MA 01770; 888-440-2963
Produced by Wiland - Bell Productions
Director n/a
VHS, color, 57 min.
Jr. High - Adult
Health Sciences

Reviewed by Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

Not Recommended   

Long term care and its costs are subjects both widely anguished over and paradoxically ignored by government and policy leaders and by the general public. So, it would seem that a video by a recognized expert in the field, Phyllis Shelton, seeking to dispel common myths about long term care, while providing "the essentials" about long term care insurance, should be a welcome addition to any healthcare policymaking or financial planning collections.

Still, one should hesitate before purchasing this one. The main problem is that there's considerable rhetoric as to the need for long term care insurance, mostly covering statistics about aging Americans and the likelihood of needing such coverage, compared to the relatively small amount of substantial "essentials" for persons investigating this coverage for themselves or their loved ones. (In addition, there are a number of testimonials by Ms. Shelton's LTC seminar audience members as to her personal knowledge and talents - is this necessary?)

For this reason, the cost of the video ($125.00) seems excessive for the value. The overall effect is that of an overly long, slickly produced "infomercial" - although what is actually being marketed and to whom isn't clear. (Is it the coverage itself for consumers? The message to policymakers to provide help to consumers before the Baby Boom generation needs such care? Or is it Ms. Shelton's seminars on the subject for potential attendees?) Since there is such a need for information on this topic, and so little available to address the need, collection developers might consider this purchase for that reason alone. Then again, perhaps it is better to wait for "better coverage" on this topic.