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Maggie Growls

Distributed by Women Make Movies, 462 Broadway, New York, NY 10013; 212-925-0606
Produced by Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
Directed by Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
VHS, color, 56 min.
Sr. High - Adult
Women's Studies, Biography

Reviewed by Ronald E. Saskowski Jr., ASRC Aerospace Corp, Atlanta, GA

Highly Recommended  Highly Recommended    ALA

Maggie Growls is a documentary that delivers a fascinating look at the incredible life of Maggie Kuhn. Through a series of interviews with Maggie and those closest to her, the viewer has a front row seat for a trip through her life. The video demonstrates what a single person can accomplish through determination and a zest for life. While Maggie fought mainly for Americas older generation, she also strived to get our younger generation involved.

The producers have put together a film that is fact filled, humorous and touching. They have taken the highlights of Maggie’s incredible life and assembled them into a collage of inspiration.

The video is interspersed with animated cartoons that are simplistic in approach but meaningful in their message. The mix of real life and animation create a pleasurable viewing experience.

This video is highly recommended for high school media centers, college and public libraries. The film, along with its subject, will appeal to a large, diverse audience.