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Database Snapshot: ACM Digital Library

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The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Library provides access to bibliographic information, abstracts, reviews, and selected full-text for articles and papers appearing in ACM publications including journals/transactions, magazines, conference proceedings and newsletters for 1947-present. It also provides access to selected works published by affiliated organizations.

Tips for using ACM Digital Library

Enter your terms in the upper search box. In the results list, full-text is noted with PDF or HTML icons. Refine your search using the left column of refine options. Bibliometric information is given for each item.

Database Snapshot: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Full-text of the popular Springer book series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) includes Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI). Most volumes are conference proceedings. Major areas covered in this database are computer science, engineering, math, biology, statistics, GIS, information science, informatics, communication science, physics, bioinformatics, multimedia, and medical imaging. The database includes volumes from 1973-present. Some LNCS volumes in print are owned by the UB Libraries. Users can also refer to the LNCS/AI/BI Conference Acronym Index.

Tips for using Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Enter your terms in the search box in the blue bar (not the upper one). In the results list, full-text is noted with “Download PDF”. Refine your search using the left column of refine options. References for articles and related content are given on the item page.

Online Access to Perry’s Switches from Knovel to ebrary

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Perry's Chemical Engineers' HandbookAs of last Friday, our access to Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook online has shifted from the Knovel e-book platform to the ebrary platform.

This has come about because McGraw Hill, the publisher of Perry’s, has pulled all of its titles off of the Knovel e-book platform. In anticipation of this, to try to make up for the loss of access to Perry’s on Knovel, the UB Libraries have purchased an e-version of Perry’s on the ebrary platform, where it remains available.

However, with this move, we have lost all of the interactive features that Knovel had programmed into the book (tables that functioned like spreadsheets; interactive equations; graph plotters). This is a special feature of Knovel; Knovel makes this extra investment in certain e-texts it licenses from publishers and hosts on its platform. ebrary does not offer any such features.

In summary, we still have online full-text access to Perry’s, but on a different platform, and we have unfortunately lost the nice, value-added interactive features and tools in the text that Knovel had programmed into it.

The URL for linking to Perry’s on ebrary from on-campus is:

From off-campus, the URL is:

Database Snapshot: Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science

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Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science provides full-text access to an online collection of several hundred “born-digital” books in engineering and computer science. The books in the collection are described as 50- to 100-page lectures, which synthesize important research and development topics and are written by experts in the field.

Subject areas currently covered include: artificial intelligence/machine learning; biomedical engineering; communication networks; communications; computational electromagnetics; computer architecture; computer graphics and animation; computer science; control, robotics, and automation; digital circuits and systems; electrical engineering; engineers, technology, and society; environmental science and engineering; image, video, and multimedia processing; information security, privacy, and trust; mobile and pervasive computing; RF/microwaves; signal processing; solid state materials and devices, and speech and audio processing.

Tips for using Synthesis

Enter your terms in the Quick Search box. In the results list, items with a green check in the left column are available full-text by clicking on PDF. Use ILLiad (interlibrary loan) to request items that don’t have a green check.

Adopt a Synthesis Title as a Textbook

We encourage faculty to consider adopting a Synthesis e-text as a required or recommended course text to list and link to from your course pages within UBlearns.   We can help you identify potential titles.  Contact either Jill Hackenberg at or Nancy Schiller at

Note: When listing and linking to a Synthesis title,  in order to ensure that students connecting to it from off-campus will get access, be sure to add before the URL for the e-book; for example:

Database Snapshot: Knovel E-Books in Science & Technology

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Knovel E-Books provides online full-text (and fully keyword-searchable) access to over 1,000 books in science and engineering with a particular strength in handbooks covering technological processes and containing properties data.  Many of the books include interactive tables, equations, and graphs that function like software programs.

A Short “Tutorial” for Using Knovel

(a)   Once connected, where it says at the top: Welcome University at Buffalo (SUNY), click on the words “My Subscription.

(b)   Next, in the search box, type in your keywords (note that in Knovel the wildcard symbol is an asterisk). For example:

tissue engineering AND scaffold*

(c)   Books, and chapters within them, will display in ranked order. Just click on where it says “Text”  to read the retrieved chapters  (see example below):



Biomedical Nanostructures

15.1.2 Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering                                       100 %  Text

15.5 Role of Nanostructured Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering   100 % Text