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“Food Science” Exhibit in Silverman Library

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The exhibit Food Science is on display in the Silverman Library in Capen Hall on the 2nd floor in the  display cases located at the back of the room.  Each case has a different food-related story to tell.

Exhibit Case #1, Frankenfoods? The Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods, examines the drama being played out worldwide over the real and perceived risks and benefits of biotechnology and presents some of the scientific and ethical issues of agricultural biotechnology, advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified crops, the economic and socio-political issues associated with increasing corporate control of our food supply, and the ethics of modifying the genes of an organism.

Exhibit Case #2, The Chemistry of Thanksgiving Dinner, “takes apart” this iconic holiday meal, exploring the chemicals in it and some of the chemical processes that lend it its taste, color, consistency, texture, and after-effects.  Find out what gives cranberry its characteristic, deep ruby-red color and why it is that we may feel sleepy after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Exhibit Case #3, How Much Carbon Dioxide is Produced in Making a Single Potato Chip? explores the concept of the carbon footprint of foods and calculates how much carbon dioxide is produced in the making of a single potato chip.

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