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UB Student Wins 1st Week’s Prize in Knovel University Challenge

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Winner Koushik Ponnuru

UB students turned in a record number of submissions the first week of the Knovel University Challenge, with our school becoming the first in Challenge history to have over 100 students participate in under 24 hours.

And it was a UB student, Koushik Ponnuru in the Chemical & Biological Engineering Department, who took the first week’s prize, a Western Digital HD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

Check out the leader board to see where UB places in the rankings at: as well as the winners’ page at:

Be sure to play again this week and become eligible for this week’s prizes as you learn how to use the Knovel e-book database to answer your technical questions.

In Week 2, the questions in the Knovel University Challenge are focused on Knovel’s interactive and comprehensive Unit Converter. In working on projects, engineers commonly convert property data from a specified unit to a required unit (i.e., mass: from lbs to metric tons). With 864 unit types for 82 properties, Knovel’s Unit Converter quickly converts anything from Acceleration, Stress & Pressure to Volume.

To take this week’s Challenge, go to: – and master this engineering tool –

Note: If you are connecting from off-campus, go instead to:; from here, click on the name of the database: “Knovel E-Books: Science and Engineering.” When prompted to do so, enter your UBIT name and password. Once connected, click on the University Challenge banner at the top of the screen. Also, if coming in from off-campus, if you usually run VPN (UB’s virtual proxy network software), be sure to turn it OFF as it interferes with authenticating/accessing library-subscription databases like Knovel.

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