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Women’s History Month—Library-Style

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Mildred photo

Almost 240 years ago on March 31, 1776, future First Lady and pen pal extraordinaire Abigail wrote to her husband—the indomitable John Adams—to “remember the ladies.”  Abigail was speaking in terms of the Revolutionary War and women’s rights in a new government. (As Alice Paul and the other suffragists can attest, her words weren’t exactly heeded when they were written.) It’s rather fitting that the letter was written in March, which, as you know, is Women’s History Month.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the American Library Association’s Feminist Task Force has found a unique way of “remembering the ladies”…in libraries. The Women of Library History blog has been posting write ups of historic women or groups of women librarians. From state libraries to librarians on horseback to local librarians to law librarians, the posts show the incredible history of female librarians and are well worth checking out.

Did you catch that I said law librarians? Guess who was featured last week. That’s right. Our very own Mildred Miles. Our first director has taken her place among some pretty amazing women. Be sure to check out Mildred’s post. March may be winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to celebrate the ladies of the libraries.