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The Discussion on Drones

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |
Christopher Rogers, Tara Melish, and Glenn Sulmasy

Christopher Rogers, Tara Melish, and Glenn Sulmasy


On September 25, the Buffalo Human Rights Center and the Federalist Society hosted a fantastic event. The U.S. Drone Policy in the Middle East: The Legal, Moral, and Political Implications panel featured Professor Glenn Sulmasy of the U.S. Coastguard Academy and Christopher Rogers of the Regional Policy Initiative on Afghanistan & Pakistan of the Open Society Foundations with SUNY Law Professor Tara Melish moderating.

Professor Sulmasy, who was speaking in a private capacity, addressed the nearly full room first. His talk (which was formally titled, “Foreign Affairs in Chaos: The Mideast, ISIS, and Drones”) highlighted the two important but very different perspectives that are at play in the debate about drones: what is permissible under foreign law and what is permissible under constitutional law. Mr. Rogers followed and discussed how there needs to be a globalized debate about drones because it is uncertain how drones fit into international law.

Once the speakers finished, Professor Melish opened the floor to questions. By the end of the event it was clear that there were no easy answers, but drone policy is definitely an issue worth discussing.

Everybody Loves the Law Library

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |


In case you weren’t aware, the Charles B. Sears Law Library is totally the place to be. The latest proof of this fact? Governor Cuomo was here on Wednesday—his third time overall, but first as governor—to announce his proposed three-part Public Trust Act, which includes anti-corruption measures and campaign finance reform. To find out more about the visit check out the write up from the UB Reporter.

Just for fun, can you spot the three Law Library staffers in the above picture? (Hint: they look nothing like Waldo.)