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Charles B. @ AALL16

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Law librarians from around the country are flocking to Chicago for the annual AALL conference. You won’t have to look too hard to find our librarians there:

Nancy Babb is working with the Animal Law Caucus to make therapy dogs available during Exhibit Hall breaks.

Brian Detweiler will be presenting his poster The PB&J Bar: Leveraging Lunctime in the Law Library on July 19.

Christine George will be presenting Making Legal Scholars Bloom with ORCID at the Cool Tools Cafe on July 17.

Joe Gerken will be presenting from his new book, The Invention of Legal Research, at the Hein booth on July 17 (Early Supreme Court Reporters) and July 18 (The Codification Movement).

Terry McCormack, Theo Belniak, and Ellen McGrath will be presenting their panel Making a Legacy Collection: What Do I Do with All These Microforms? on July 18.

Ellen McGrath will be receiving the 2016 Renee D. Chapman Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions in Tehcnical Services Law Librarianship from the Technical Services Special Interest Section on July 18.

The NYCRR Digital Archive is Here

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |


The SUNY Buffalo Law School’s Charles B. Sears Law Library, the Appellate Division Fourth Department Law Library in Rochester, and the New York State Supreme Court Library in Buffalo, is pleased to announce the availability of an open access database, the NYCRR Digital Archive. The Archive contains replaced pages or “takeouts” from the New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York since its inception in 1945 through 2001. The dates covered in this database represent the online debut of New York’s regulatory history material covering this time period. This free resource will allow researchers, librarians, and practitioners to more easily determine previous versions of New York’s codes, rules, and regulations, a task performed in print that is currently quite difficult and time-consuming. Work on the project began in late 2012, and approximately one million pages have been scanned and converted to searchable PDFs. As a service to the New York legal community and the legal community at large, this project was collaboratively funded and staffed by all three institutions. Portions of the scanned pages contain New York State’s copyrighted material and are included with the permission of the Secretary of State.

Click here to begin researching.

Koren AV & Law IT Equipment for Fall 2015 Semester

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

The Koren AV Center and Law IT are currently booking equipment/technology requests for the upcoming Fall 2015 Semester.

Due to budget restructuring, we are requesting at least 48 hours (or more) notice for equipment requests. Same day requests, run the risk of not being provided due to not enough notice and/or equipment.

When submitting your request, please provide the following information:

  • Day(s) of the week and/or date (if only select days)
  • Time (start and end)
  • Room Number
  • What equipment you will need

Also please keep in mind, if you are requesting a semester long order – please only request equipment that you know you will be using regularly.  We will be happy to add additional equipment on a day to day basis per your curricular needs.  We are becoming limited on what is available and want to make sure that everyone’s needs are met.

If you are in a technology equipped room (706, 406, 104, 106, 108, 12, 10) and would like to use the equipment in the room for your class, please notify us so that we may help you with the setup, by unlocking the cabinet and having the equipment waiting for you to go.

Concerning videoconferencing setups in classrooms, please provide us with at least 10 days notice for any setup that includes a conferencing platform such as  Skype, Lync, Zoom, WebEx or any similar third party application. Koren AV and Law IT also request your participants’ connection information in order for us to test with them in advance of the session.

Please send your requests to or contact us at 645-2045.  Thank you to everyone that has already submitted their requests!

Have You Heard We Have a PA System? Don’t Worry—You Will

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Library View

The Law Library is happy to announce that we have a new PA system. In addition to conveying emergency messages, the PA system will have an automated message that will play at close every night. Patrons will be warned of closing thirty minutes, fifteen minutes, and five minutes before the Law Library closes. It is the Law Library’s policy that the PA system will only be used for closing and emergency communications and not for paging patrons.

For all you Law Library regulars out there, can you guess which librarian voices our closing message?

Terry McCormack, Rock Solid

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Terry Rock Steady

Last Friday, at the University Libraries Staff Appreciation luncheon, our very own Terry McCormack received the 2015 Rock Solid Award. Also known as “the Harvey,” the Rock Solid Award recognizes the efforts and dedication of a Library staff member whose reliability, initiative, disposition and quality of work has contributed to the betterment of the workplace and to the University Libraries as a whole.

H. Austin Booth, the Vice Provost for University Libraries, who presented the award, summarized the feelings of many in the UB community when she said:

“This individual has been described by colleagues both inside the libraries and within the University as a hard worker and someone who can always find a way to make things happen, and happen smoothly; even last-minute, huge requests. This person is never too busy to offer a smile, is always willing to listen and help and always seems to be working to make everyone else’s day run a bit easier. This individual has a one-of-a-kind worth ethic, will come in on weekends or evenings if needed to support an event and is always available by phone or email. No matter how large or how small the job, this individual tackles it with enthusiasm and true concern for those who need help. As one colleague gratefully said, “Knowing that he heads the Law IT program helps me sleep at night!” He is the library’s “Switzerland” and the law school’s “MacGyver.””

So if you see Terry, be sure to give him a high five. He’s rock solid.

Top 10 Reasons to Love Your Law Library

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Library View

Like all good things, National Library Week 2015 is coming to an end. Alas. But before it’s gone, here’s a countdown of why you love us, you really love us.

10. Running low? We’ve got charging stations for your phones and chargers you can check out for laptops and phones.

9. You can work on your golf game on the putting green on the 7th Floor.

8. We’ve got locations! locations! locations! for studying. Like conference rooms? Got it. Want a carrel? Got that. Want a reading room just for law students? Done.

7. Need a break from studying? We’ve got all the legal movies you can stand, and many that you can’t stream on Netflix.

6. Got yourself a Vitamin D deficiency after this ridiculous winter? We just opened up the patio so you can catch some rays.

5. We’re hip. We’ve got the 411. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. Also you should totally like and/or follow us.

4. Have you ever had another opportunity to watch the Super Bowl while surrounded by tens of thousands of volumes of legal tomes?

3. At finals time we’ve got you covered with old exams and new study aids. We’ve got 2 copies of brand new study aids plus you can also find audio study aids in Koren.

2. Peanut Butter Jelly Time—it’s real and it’s spectacular.

1. Got a cite packet? Awesome. We’ve got reference librarians.

You Need to Change Your Westlaw Password

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Attention all SUNY Buffalo Law faculty, staff, and students:

Westlaw has announced that all academic users will need to reset their passwords or risk losing access during the spring semester. We were told that the password reset is for security reasons. We do not know what the deadline will be for making these changes, but if you update your password now you will not be prompted to do so later in the semester.

To change your password, login to your Westlaw account and click “Update” on the left-hand side of the homepage next to your name.

Westlaw 1

Then click “Manage OnePass Profile” in the top right-hand corner of the popup window.

Westlaw 2

Finally, enter your new password into the appropriate fields and click “Save.” Passwords must be between 8-16 characters and contain at least 3 of the required features (uppercase, lowercase, symbol, and number), so Buffalo#1 would work, for example.

Westlaw 3

You should then receive an email confirming that your OnePass Profile has been updated.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact

Figuring Out Ferguson Resource Guide

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Ferguson Guide

Last week the Buffalo Criminal Law Center, Buffalo Criminal Law Society, Black Law Students Association, and Latin American Law Students Association hosted the panel, “Figuring Out Ferguson: A Conversation on Race, Law Enforcement Authority, & Self Defense.” Professor Luis E. Chiesa chaired the panel and Professors Guyora Binder, Athena D. Mutua, and Anthony O’Rourke spoke. The Charles B. Sears Law Library created a resource guide for the books and video that were mentioned during the panel, as well as additional materials the speakers recommended for those interested in the topic.

Go to Figuring Out Ferguson Resources

Help Haven House!

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Library View

SUNY Buffalo Law Domestic Violence and International Women’s Rights Clinic is partnering with the Charles B. Sears Law Library to offer much needed supplies to Haven House, a local shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

What we need: Packages of new socks and underwear in all sizes (adult and children) for both men and women

Where can you donate: Donations can be dropped off at:

  • the Law Library (box is to the immediate right when you enter the Law Library)
  • the Clinic Office (room 507 O’Brian)

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Donations will be accepted until October 31.

We Missed You! (Really, We Did)

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

Library View

Did you miss your favorite Law Library over the summer? Of course you did. While we’ve been pining away for your arrival on the first day of classes, we were also keeping busy. Here’s a quick recap of things that are new or have changed since you’ve been gone.

We have a new Student Services Team: Brian Detweiler and Peggy Lyons joined us over the summer break. Brian will be the Student Services Librarian and will develop and coordinate programs and services to enrich the law school experience. Peggy is staffing the Passport Services Office and will assist Brian with various projects.

We have a new scanner: Libraries across UB have gone green, replacing our photocopiers with scanners. The scanners will provide searchable-PDFs, Text-to-Voice, and other format options. They will also allow scans to be sent directly to the cloud, USB flash drives, or your email. If you have questions or a copy card with a balance still on it, please see a librarian.

We have amended Reference Hours: Reference librarians are still available Monday through Thursday, 9am–9pm; Friday and Saturday 9am–5pm; and by appointment. If you have reference questions on Sunday, please email

Other than that, it’s business as usual here at the Charles B. Sears Law Library. Welcome back and here’s to another great year!