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Stage-Side Service

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |


If there is one thing one could take away from the Trojans back in the day—you know, other than stealing someone else’s wife may lead to the downfall of your people—it was to beware Greeks bearing gifts. Well that lesson has evolved in the 21st century for performing artists to something along the lines of beware fans waving papers.

Music artist Ciara had been schedule to perform at a bar called The Factory on Friday night in L.A. The following night she was scheduled to perform at LA Pride. Per her contract with LA Pride, Ciara was prohibited from performing on Friday night. The singer’s rep claims that notice was given  to The Factory about the conflict in commitments, but The Factory decided to sue Ciara for breach of contract. How convenient for the process server that everyone knew where Ciara was going to be Saturday night.

A video from Ciara’s concert this past Saturday night shows a “fan” holding up papers, which the singer took while performing on stage…and seconds later dropped.

With the video making rounds to entertainment gossip websites, this could prove to be a teaching moment to today’s youth that “you got served” is a phrase that has meaning beyond b-boy b-list movies.

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