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No Joke

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

joke judge

It seems like Vince A. Sicari’s having a bit of a send in the clowns moment that’s far more Sondheim than Ringling. Sicari’s been leading a double life in the Gotham-metro area. No he’s not Batman. Sicari is a municipal judge in Hackensack, NJ who happens to moonlight as a comedian.

As Vince August, Sicari has warmed up audiences for the Colbert Report and has appeared at Caroline’s, a top NYC comedy club. But once Sicari was named to the bench in 2008 the trouble started—trouble with a capital T. When a local paper offered to write a profile on his life as a judge, the Advisory Committee on Extrajudicial Activities advised Sicari to not talk to the press and to quit his comedy career. Sicari requested that the Committee reconsider but in 2010 it returned with another no, citing several of Sicari’s comedic gigs that may affect his appearance of impartiality on the bench. The New Jersey Supreme Court is going to hear the case today to determine whether or not Sicari can continue to have the best of both worlds .

It’s no great secret that the legal world sometimes breeds comedy and comedians. One could even argue that comedians and lawyers have several common traits. Sicari’s approach is to keep his legal and comedic careers separate explaining that he doesn’t do law jokes because “Superman doesn’t talk about Clark Kent.”  But should the NJ Supreme Court decide against Sicari, I can only hope the following conversation ensues:

-“No more jokes now. I mean it!”

-“Anybody want a peanut?”


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