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204 Years Young

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |


Happy birthday, Mr. President…Lincoln! Most may be enjoying Marti Gras festivities—and if you are, please make good choices—but I’m sure that many of them are raising a glass in #16′s honor.

It’s been a heck of a 204th year for Lincoln. He a vampire hunter on the silver screen…and the response was meh. But on the flipside, there was a little Speilberg-helmed bio flick that seems to be getting some awards buzz, so we’ll call that breaking even theater-wise. In other news, his wife’s sanity was recognized in a retrial, and he invoked in the White House’s response to the petition to let Texas out of the Union. So it seems he’s still as relevant at 204 as he was at 56.

In honor of the big 2-0-4, Constitution Daily put together some fun facts about Lincoln including he was a cat person, the first president with a beard, and was not a fan of being called “Abe.” Another interesting fact that Constitution Daily highlights: more states recognize Black Friday as a holiday than Lincoln’s birthday. Ouch.

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