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The Millies: Most Promising Law/Pre-Law Student

Posted on: | by Christine Anne George |

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Last week, Vincent Gambini wowed the voters with his courtroom performance. Now, as we enter Week 3 of The Millies, it’s time to consider those lawyers who may graduate to become the next hotshot attorney.

From breaking through stereotypes, to dealing with the tension of a Socratic environment, to standing against the system, law students may not have an easy time of it. Each of these nominees has proven him or herself by breaking away from the pack. But which of these students is the most promising? That is for you to decide. If you would like to see an example of their work, please click on their names. Please note: these clips may contain NSFW language.

Elle WoodsElle Woods, Legally Blonde

esq-the-paper-chase-movie-still-101910-xlgJames T. Hart, The Paper Chase

pelicanbrief01Darby Shaw, The Pelican Brief  (relevant portion of clip begins at 7:18)

eric-strattonEric Stratton, Animal House



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Voting will be open until 12pm EST Friday, February 15 and is open to all. Results will be posted to the Law Library blog.

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