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The Year of the GIF

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It may only be part-way through November, but Oxford Dictionaries is calling it. The 2012 word of the year for the United States is—wait for it—GIF. Every year, Oxford Dictionaries chooses the word it thinks “has attracted interest and that embodies in some way the ethos of the year.” For us, that would be GIF. The acronym for graphic interchange format—used in this instance as a verb (though it has also been used as a noun)—means to create a looped animation file. To GIF has become the thing to do in 2012. Oxford University Press’ blog provides a timeline of GIF’s big 2012 moments which includes the New York Public Library embracing the act, as well as the 25th anniversary of the first GIF.

There are GIFs of all sorts available, including many that document the law school experience. In honor of the Word of the Year, you may want to peruse #wheninlawschool and Law School GIFs. (Please note that this blog does not endorse the viewing of these sites during class and the potential NSFW language they may use.)

Not convinced that GIF fully encompasses 2012? Check out what could have been with the shortlist which includes “superstorm” and “YOLO.”

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