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You Don’t Own Me…

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Action: Actor Bruce Willis, star of the Die Hard films, is considering legal action against Apple


“You don’t own me, I’m not just one of your many toys . . .” Depending on your frame of reference, that Leslie Gore song can invoke a variety of scenes. (In case you’re wondering, for me, it’s all about Diane Keaton in the First Wives Club.)  But now those lyrics may also apply to Bruce Willis and his iTunes playlists. reported on an unconfirmed story  from the UK’s Daily Mail that Bruce Willis is contemplating taking Apple to court. Why? The Daily Mail claims that Willis would like to bequeath his iTunes collection to his daughters, but to do so would violate iTunes’ terms of service since users don’t buy the music but rather have licensed use on certain devices. Even this is an unconfirmed story and CNN quoted Willis’ wife who tweeted that the story was “not a true story,” it provides much food for thought beyond the fact that there are people who read through entire services agreements instead of just hitting the accept button. How different is it to plan out one’s estate in a digital world?

Discussion concerning a “digital afterlife” has become prominent in recent years. NPR  covered the topic and discussed the blog The Digital Beyond, which touts itself as the “go to source for digital afterlife information.” More recently, the Law Librarian Blog  and MarketWatch  contemplated what happens to digital library and music collections that previously would have been easily included in a will.

So will Bruce Willis take on Apple? It doesn’t look like it. But even without John McClane leading the charge, it seems like there might already be a bit of a “yippee-ki-yay” attitude towards Apple’s policy.

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