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Turkey Time!

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As far as the good ole US of A is concerned, November is the time for turkeys. We at the Charles B. Sears Law Library take a slightly different view. The end of August/early September is turkey time for us. Turkey Sheet time, that is.

Since the 1980s, UB’s 1Ls have been gifted with the wonder that is the Turkey Sheet. Put together by the law library’s tireless reference librarians and illustrated by Kathy Lehsten, the since retired Public Services Secretary, the Turkey Sheet has taught 1Ls the ins and outs of legal research at the law library.

Although the content within the Turkey Sheet has been updated, the illustrations have remained the same. So whether you were a 1L during the Reagan administration or are just starting at UB, you will have a healthy appreciation of how the “Three Arms of Government” Eagle was able to rock those sideburns.


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