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Summer Access to Westlaw and LEXIS for Law Students and Recent Graduates

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 1)      SUMMER ACCESS TO LEXIS ADVANCE is automatic: This is the new “google-like” version of Lexis that was introduced to law schools this spring and is being introduced to commercial markets during the spring and summer. Unlike previous years, students do not need to register separately for summer access this year. Any student who already registered this semester to access Lexis Advance, will continue to have uninterrupted full access to Lexis Advance throughout the summer—no need to apply again. Summer Access is still to be for “academic purposes” only. 3Ls will have access to Lexis Advance till August 1st, so they may use to study for bar if they want. For tutorials and literature on learning Lexis Advance visit

Any student who never registered for Lexis Advance or has forgotten their ID/password can contact Lexis Rep  Celine Murphy at for the info.

 2)      SUMMER ACCESS TO LEXIS.COM need to register for: will revert to the limited “career-only” menu for June and July. This limited access still allows students to search Martindale-Hubbell for career searching during summer. If the student has an academic need to access other resources on, that are not available on Lexis Advance (this would be primarily International sources) then they do have the option of registering for summer access to as well. They will need to complete the summer access form found at

 3)      LEXIS ASPIRE FOR PUBLIC INTEREST WORK need to apply for: This is a program that provides free access to Lexis for all current law students, Dec 2011 graduates and May 2012 graduates who are engaged in verifiable 501(c)(3) public interest work. They need to complete the ASPIRE form and upon approval will be provided with a Lexis ID for the APSIRE access. (fyi- any Dec 2011 graduates who wish to apply will need to sign on to Lexis to complete the form. The CDO Lexis Career ID for graduates will provide them with access to this form.)

  Lexis Rep Celine Murphy can be contacted with any questions.



1) Current students (rising 1Ls and 2Ls) may extend the access on their student Westlaw passwords for the summer if they are:

* in a summer law school course
* current members of a law review or journal and working on projects for that publication
* working for a law school professor
* working on a project for a moot court, or
* working in an unpaid*, nonprofit public interest internship/externship AND are receiving credit towards graduation for this internship/externship

Law school student passwords may not be used for government offices or agencies, law firms, corporations or other purposes unrelated to law school academic work.

2) To extend your password for summer access, click on the “Need Your Westlaw Password This Summer?” link on the home page.  If you have any questions on the summer access extension, please contact Tilman Larson at

* Paid= any reimbursements/tuition reimbursement/salary, wage, or payment of any kind to student.

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