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Legal Looseleaf Services Exhibit

Posted on: | by Miranda Ashby |

On Display until April 15th!

Why should you use looseleaf services? Are you doing research for a paper?

“Looseleafs” are an excellent place to begin research in subjects governed by administrative law such as labor, environmental, securities, banking and tax law.

The value lies in that they are CURRENT and COMBINE primary (statutes, cases and regulations) and secondary sources (including news, reports and analysis).

Checkout all of the subjects we have available by going to the following websites:

BNA database (Also on Lexis and Westlaw)
CCH/Wolters Kluwer Intelliconnect database
RIA database

For more information take a look at our display and if you have any questions about these resources, ask the reference librarian!
[Posted for Christine Jaworski]

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