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New publication: Criminal Law by Guyora Binder (Oxford Introductions to U.S. Law)

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crimlawThe Law Library has just received a new publication by SUNY Distinguished Professor Guyora Binder, Oxford Introductions to U.S. Law: Criminal Law.

Publisher Oxford University Press notes that, “The Oxford Introductions to U.S. Law: Criminal Law reviews the development of American criminal law and explains its key concepts and persistent controversies in light of its history. These key concepts include retribution and prevention as purposes of punishment; the requirements of a criminal act and a culpable mental state; criteria of causal responsibility; modes of violating consent; inchoate offenses, including attempt and conspiracy; doctrines of participation in crime; and defenses of justification and excuse.” [more]

To explore more works by Professor Binder, view his Faculty Profile and listing in the Faculty Scholarship database.

Join the UB Libraries Banned Books Read-Out

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bannedbooksWednesday, September 28, 2016 at 3 pm
Lockwood Library, 2nd Floor Lobby
Light refreshments will be served.

Celebrate the freedom to read and help us draw attention to the issues surrounding censorship. Sign up to read a short selection from your favorite banned or challenged book at a Read-Out in recognition of the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week 2016. Everyone is welcome!

Sign Up in advance, or come to the Lockwood Library, Lobby on Sept. 28th and sign up the same day.

To view an ALA list of books which have been challenged or banned, visit:


Upcoming event: “This Changes Everything”

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Poster art by Shepard FaireyAll are invited to a special screening of the new climate change documentary inspired by Naomi Klein’s bestselling book, “This Changes Everything” (an Avi Lewis film).

When: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 5:00 p.m.
Where: The Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo, North Campus

This event is free and open to all. There will be limited seating, so please plan accordingly.

Other links of interest:

Hot off the presses: The Myth of the Litigious Society by David M. Engel

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The Law Library has just received the latest book by SUNY Distinguished Service Professor David M. Engel, The Myth of the Litigious Society: Why We Don’t Sue.

Publisher University of Chicago Press notes, “Why do Americans seem to sue at the slightest provocation? The answer may surprise you: we don’t! For every ‘Whiplash Charlie’ who sees a car accident as a chance to make millions, for every McDonald’s customer to pursue a claim over a too-hot cup of coffee, many more Americans suffer injuries but make no claims against those responsible or their insurance companies. The question is not why Americans sue but why we don’t sue more often, and the answer can be found in how we think about injury and personal responsibility. With this book, David M. Engel demolishes the myth that America is a litigious society. …” [more]

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New books this week: Laws of Image by Samantha Barbas

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Among new books this week, the Law Library has received Laws of Image : Privacy and Publicity in America by Professor Samantha Barbas.

Published by Stanford University Press, “Laws of Image tells the story of how Americans came to use the law to protect and manage their images, feelings, and reputations. In this social, cultural, and legal history, Samantha Barbas ties the development of personal image law to the self-consciousness and image-consciousness that has become endemic in our media-saturated culture of celebrity and consumerism, where people see their identities as intertwined with their public images. The laws of image are the expression of a people who have become so publicity-conscious and self-focused that they believe they have a right to control their images—to manage and spin them like actors, politicians, and rock stars. ” [more]

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Distinguished Speakers at the Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy

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This Friday, September 9, marks the first Distinguished Speaker lecture of the semester.  Kenneth W. Abbott, Arizona State University, will present on the topic, “Experimentalist Governance 2.0: Taking ‘Experiments’ (More) Seriously.” This event will be held at 12:30 pm in the Baldy Center, 509 O’Brian Hall, University at Buffalo North Campus. More information:

Important Changes to the Law School Printing System

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The iPrint system received a major upgrade over the summer, which means Law School Workstations printing to Law School Printers no longer require Release Stations; instead they will use a pop-up GoPrint client to pay and release at your seat. Only prints sent from Law School Workstations to University Printers will need to be released from the 2nd floor University Release Station, which is now our only Release Station.

iPrint Anywhere, the service that allows printing from your personal devices, has been revamped as well. Just visit  and follow the onscreen instructions to send print jobs to the University Printer in 221B without the need for a Release Station. Please note that the O’Brian Printer is on the second page.

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Computer Workstations Relocated

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Law IT has relocated all but four of the third floor computer workstations to more heavily-trafficked areas on the second and seventh floors of the Law Library.  Three workstations were added to the second floor:  The Group Study Area in the Reading Room now has two computers for collaborative work at chairs reserved for law student use only. The third computer is an express standing workstation that was mounted on a wall in 221B next to the Law School and University printers. Two computers have also been added to the Seventh Floor Reading Room, and the rest have been placed along the wall near the stairwell. The old third floor printers have also been relocated, with one unit going to 221B and the other to the seventh floor.

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Fall library hours start Monday

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The fall semester is starting and with it comes a change to the Fall schedule of hours for the Law Library.

Beginning on Monday, August 29, the Law Library will observe the following schedule:

Regular Fall Hours – August 29 – December 2, 2016*

Monday-Thursday:    7:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Friday:    7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday:    9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Sunday:    10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

*Exceptions to Regular Fall Hours

Saturday-Sunday 9/3-9/4:    Closed
Monday 9/5 (Labor Day):    Closed

The full schedule of Law Library hours can be found at For hours at other University Libraries locations, visit The Law School calendars can be found at