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University at Buffalo Libraries

United States History

History 419: Health and Illness in American History

Web site identified by Professor Herzberg:

Harvard contagion history–historical views of contagious diseases


Mass of links

Digital Collections at the National Library of Medicine

Digital Clendening library

UCLA Darling library

Excellent collections of various links from various Universities: [[go down to "Primary Sources: Digital Collections"]]

Web sites that complement PowerPoint presentation.

Remember to explore the resources noted on my U.S. history subject pages:

Best Basic Resources

Gale Virtual Reference Library


Google Books


Historical Statistics of the United States

American National Biography


Google Labs Ngram Viewer


Readers Guide Retrospective

New York Times

Harper’s Weekly


Hathi Trust

American Periodicals Series (APS)

PubMed (includes journals,  History of Medicine)

LOCATORplus (incldues bks, History of Medicine)

Medline Ovid

Medline EBSCO

History in Focus (Library Research Guide, Institute of Historical Research, UK)

History of Medicine (Library Research Guide, Duke University)

Health Sciences Lib (History of Medicine, explore all sections)

America: History and Life

Interlibrary Loan and More

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