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Dr. Gary Byrd, Director of HSL, authors paper chosen as “Article of the Decade” by JMLA

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In 2004, Dr. Gary D. Byrd, along with Kay Wagner, authored a paper that was published in the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA), v.92 (1):14-33, January 2004. The most recent JMLA issue, v.100 Commemorative Supplement to Number 4, October 2012, has reprinted 10 articles, each chosen as an “Article of the Decade” in honor of the 100th volume of JMLA. Dr. Byrd’s article was not only selected, but in his recounting of the worthiness of each recommended choice, T. Scott Plutchak, M.A, AHIP, writes:

“There were many recommendations for the first decade of the 21st century, all quite worthy. There was, however, one clear standout, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Clinical Medical Librarian Programs: A Systematic Review of the Literature,” by Kay Cimpl Wagner and Gary D. Byrd, AHIP, FMLA. This article is noteworthy in two ways: First, it documents the long history of writing about clinical librarian programs, going back into the 1970s and as such, it stands in for quite a number of other articles that might have been included. Second, it applies a highly analytic systematic review technique to try to determine what we have actually learned from all of those articles.”

Congratulations Gary!

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